Becoming a Life Coach Avoid The Office And Still Make Six-Figure Income

Become a Life Coach sign image

Whether you’re changing careers or looking to get back into the workforce, becoming a Life Coach is the ideal home business for earning $100,000 a year doing something you love. Becoming a Life Coach could be just the ticket if you’re looking for a life change, especially if the thought of going back out to … Read more

Spell Better With NLP and Boost Confidence Levels In Children

Spell Better with NLP

Can you really spell better with NLP?  And if yes, can that actually boost a child’s, or even an adult’s, confidence level? I like to try something out and make sure it works before I tell others about it. I run it through a testing process so to speak. Are you the same way? Well, one … Read more

Goal Setting – Isn’t It Time You Understood How It Works?

Goal Setting

Goal Setting Depression You make goals; you break goals,it’s all the same …You know what you want, but you just don’t know …How to go about getting itFeeling sweet feelings,If only I would do this …(sung to the tune “Manic Depression” – by Jimi Hendrix) I don’t know about you, but many people don’t set … Read more

Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions

Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions

What are NLP Presuppositions? And, why would you want to understand them?

Richard Bandler, Co-Developer of NLP said: “NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”

Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions are connected to the attitude and the methodology connects that attitude to the NLP techniques. Without the proper attitude when using NLP techniques, success is limited. Understanding and integrating NLP Presuppositions into your life can empower you on many levels. Many NLP Practitioners report

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NLP Changes Procrastination – Language of the Poor!

Stop Procrastinating

What is preventing you from taking action on your ideas or projects? Are you too overwhelmed with all you want to do to actually get around to doing it? Are you longing for a better life but don’t know where to start? The great author Og Mandino wrote, “to be always intending to make a … Read more

NLP: Being At Cause Versus Effect – Which side was Oprah on?

Being At Cause

“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody, who from an early age, knew I was responsible for myself and I had to make good.” – Oprah Winfrey Being At Cause Versus Effect NLP: Being at Cause versus Effect. Which side of cause-effect … Read more