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NLP Training Style – Which Is The Right One For You?

How much thought have you given to the NLP Training style that will be best for your learning style?

What, you didn’t know the trainers teaching style mattered?

Well, think about this, no matter how much you liked or disliked school or college wasn’t there at least one teacher or prof that connected with you? One that you still think of as your favorite and wish all the rest had been as good?


So why would it be any different with something as important as an NLP training style? Unless of course you’re just taking an NLP training because you’re bored, or want another piece of paper to hang on your wall.

But seriously, this isn’t free education it’s hard earned cash coming out of your pocket. And your future success depends on getting it right.

Back over 25 years ago, when I started looking for information and training in NLP, I took whatever I could find. And I wasted a lot of time and money.

Certainly, no one had an NLP Training Online like the one we have developed. There wasn’t such a thing as “online” anything at that time, let alone an NLP training online.

But I learned the hard way that it was important to find the right trainer, not just any NLP Trainer.  And so I actually hunted for a trainer that had certain values that would match my own.

NLP Training Style Must Match

My values and their values had to match in specific areas. Because I knew that if we had similar values, our communication would become easier. And I would believe and trust in them as well.

A value’s mismatch example would be if the trainer had a high value on the mechanics of the technique as opposed to my high value on consideration for the client’s well-being.

A simple term and thought process like ‘getting the job done’ could have two very different meanings. And two very different outcomes.

An NLP trainer focused on getting the job done by performing a technique, perhaps at any cost, may not have the client’s best interest and well-being in mind. Whereas my idea of success is different. Get the job done by performing a technique with the client’s well-being in mind.

So, in choosing the right NLP training style for you, make sure it fits your needs. Start by making a list of your needs and wants and then put them in a hierarchical order. Think pyramid shape, with the most important on top.

Strive to get at least your top values met by the trainer you pick because if you don’t your NLP experience will leave you feeling regret and frustrated.