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Spell Better With NLP and Boost Confidence Levels In Children

Can you really spell better with NLP?  And if yes, can that actually boost a child’s, or even an adult’s, confidence level?

I like to try something out and make sure it works before I tell others about it. I run it through a testing process so to speak. Are you the same way?

Well, one of the early benefits I got from NLP was understanding how your eyes are connected to your brain’s processing ability. In layman’s terms, your eyes are the gear shift to your brain.

Also, when I benefit from using or even just understanding something I want to share that benefit with others. So, let me tell you how NLP first helped me with my kids, as they were my guinea pigs – hey, don’t judge me until you hear the story;^)

My daughter was having difficulty with spelling at the time. And I was learning from NLP that most bad spellers look down and good spellers look up. This was a scientific discovery at Langley Porter Institute that is still not commonly known about, even today – outside of NLP that is.

Spell Better With NLP

When I asked my daughter to spell a word and she couldn’t,  I noticed, sure enough, that she was looking down.

Through NLP I learned that everyone remembers visual images by looking up to a certain area, and spelling is a visual remembered process (of course you knew that, right?).

So I thought if I could get my daughter to use the correct method of spelling, that would solve her problem and improve her grades. And it did!

As you can imagine, it also gave her confidence level quite a boost which helped in her overall grade level.

And as a parent, it gave me quite a boost.  Because after all, don’t we always feel good when we can do something for our kids?  Especially if you know it will help them in life?