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Get Your NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program Online

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training & Coaching Program Online

Official Global Accreditations

Official Global Accreditations

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Now Ramp up your NLP Practitioner Skills To A New Level …

Get Your NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program Online

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training raises your NLP Practitioner skills to a whole new level of competency! Reach a new perspective as you master Neuro Linguistic Programming patterns and techniques in advanced applications, and learn to use them in multiple contexts.

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” – Wayne Dyer

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Online provides you with advanced knowledge, techniques and skills in NLP. Join Master NLP Trainers Bob Clarke, Ronda Degaust and Roger Ellerton for this comprehensive NLP training in concepts such as: Quantum Linguistics, Personal Values Break-through sessions, Meta Programs, Modeling, Systems Thinking and more.

Note: Because of the advanced nature of the material covered in this course, successful completion of an NLP Certification course meeting NLP Global Standards is recommended as a prerequisite to NLP Master Practitioner Certification. 

Persuade and Motivate Anyone With the Most Powerful NLP Language Tools!

NLP Master Pratitioner: What's Included?

Module 1: Advance To Expert Levels – Modeling

Ever notice that some people are really good at what they do — parenting, sales, team building, moving past upsetting situations, etc. — and have you wondered how they do it - and wished secretly to be "just like them"?  Well, you can with Advanced Modeling.

If you want to learn how to model someone who is an expert at what they do, and discover their “Secrets” for success, then Advanced Modeling is for you!

Advanced Masters Modeling

Many of your expert’s secrets will be outside of their conscious awareness. And even if they wanted to, they would not be able to tell you what makes them so successful. But,  with our Advanced Masters Modeling you can discover these secrets and use this powerful new information to supercharge your skills, produce huge improvements in your clients’ lives and the lives of those you hold dear.

We also include:

(Just in case you didn't get it in your NLP Practitioner training.)

  • The NLP Coaching Model for Success
  • Modelling Excellence
  • Strategies (The TOTE Model)
  • Logical Levels
  • Selling Yourself

Because we want to make easy for you, within each manual there will be an At Your Fingers Tips section so that you don't have to flip through all the information from the past trying to find what you need right now.

Module 2: From A Different Perspective – Reframing Masterfully

You may be aware that Richard Bandler, the co-developer of NLP, was known for never losing an argument. Robert Diltz modelled his excellence and abilities and created the Sleight of Mouth Patterns. And, in keeping with the development pattern, we are bringing that in-depth know how directly to you.

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Now you will be able to sit in on a live demonstration of 5 different issues presented, and hear how the coach uses these absolute magical reframes easily to shift the client from her issues ... to a whole different perspective in minutes.

In all persuasion situations, whether in therapy, sales, or personal interaction, it is critical that you are able to help people open up to what you are saying. Sleight of Mouth patterns will help you do just that by dissolving objections and resistance like magic! Even better, you can use these patterns in what seems like 'normal' conversation.

Persuasion helps us to get what we want, and need, from others. We use persuasion every day, in all areas of our lives. Yet many people assume that if you are not a salesperson you don’t need good persuasion skills. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

Have you ever:

  • Encouraged your child to make the right choices and they won't listen
  • Tried to get a friend to see your point of view
  • Needed the cooperation of other people to complete a project
  • Tried to offer help to others as a counsellor, teacher, therapist, or coach
  • Negotiated the price of a new car or other item

In all these situations and more, persuasion skills that work make the difference in achieving a successful outcome.

Along with Sleight of Mouth Patterns, we have included a review of Context & Meaning Reframes from your practitioner training. These 16 language patterns, plus the two from practitioner level, will have your reframing masterfully just like the experts.

From a Different Perspective

From a Different Perspective, we will use the NLP Presuppositions as lenses to gain different perspectives on how you live your life, and changes you can make, with a presentation of the NLP Presuppositions technique and a demonstration with a client.

Module 3: Quantum Linguistics – Conversational Change and Shifting Thought Patterns with Sub-modalities - NLP Master Level

Have you ever been left frustrated after working with someone who doesn’t respond to traditional NLP Techniques? Do you find yourself scratching your head (or pulling your hair out) because your client either stops the process before completion or just analyses it without following it?

Quantum Linguistics

Well, Quantum Linguistics is a godsend for those analytical clients because it’s conversational change design fits perfectly with anyone. And, those who have the need to over think will find themselves shifting their thoughts instantly.

When someone is in their problem...they are boxed in. Quantum Linguistics will have them thinking outside that box in no time by using the deeper filters of the human mind. Sound a little too scientific? No worries, we give you simple examples so you can use language as a resource for success!

In addition, we have included review material from Practitioner training on Flagging the Issue - Linguistic Presuppositions.

Foreground Background Swish

You will learn to shift thought patterns with Sub-modalities & Linguistics combined in the Foreground Background Swish . This pattern is a fast and effective masters sub-modalities technique, used when a client, or yourself, is unable to stop thinking about a situation for a long period of time.

The demonstration client had a long term issue with sadness over an event that happened 8 years prior and was unable to move past the sadness feeling. Within the demonstration other patterns such as Time Space Matter & Energy, Sleight of Mouth, and  Applied to Self and are used to shift the client’s way of thinking. Ka-Bam ... Now that is NLP at Master's Level.

We end the module with a fun way to shift auditory sub-modalities. In the Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Video, you may not only find yourself releasing a hurt for an old relationship, but also singing an old song in a totally different way.

Module 4: Making Your World A Better Place To Live – Systems Thinking and The "Secret" Language of Meta Programs - The Incredible Advantage

Many practitioner trainings focus on the first two Perceptual Positions. Indeed, many of us live our lives mainly from First Position (our own perspective) or Second Position (the perspective of someone else, which if overused can lead us into a Co-Dependent Relationship with others).

During this training, we will continue to develop your knowledge and understanding of NLP from first and second position, while expanding your perspective to include Third Position (ability to stand back from a situation and experience it as if you were a detached observer) and Fourth Position (the system).

Each of us is composed of many different systems: respiratory, immune and digestive to name a few. We are also active participants in many other systems: family (immediate or extended), work team, neighbourhood association or informal neighbourhood interactions, political party, facebook friends, etc.

We will explore how your actions have an impact on the system (internal systems — your health, or external systems) and how in turn the system constrains what you perceive is possible.

Advantages of taking a system perspective:

  • See patterns that drive events
  • More effective thinking strategies
  • Identify where you can have the most long-term impact
  • Basis for clearer thought and communication
  • Go beyond blaming others or yourself

We will also explore value-based systems that are components of our society and other societies around the world. The main difference between our society and another society in a different part of the world is the influence certain value-based systems have.

In the "Secret" Language of Meta Programs we find out how our personal and professional relationships succeed or fail based on how well we communicate with those around us. Being able to read the “secret” language of meta programs gives you an incredible advantage because others tend to assume everyone else sees things the way they do, and now you will.

Imagine being able to:

  • Instantly gain rapport with strangers
  • Defuse conflict situations quickly and easily
  • Choose the right person for the right job – the first time
  • Know when someone is open to your ideas – and what to do and say to get them on your side
  • Negotiate compromises that satisfy both sides Create richer relationships with family and friends
  • Develop more productive relationships with clients and co-workers
  • Detect when someone is telling you the truth, or just saying what they think you want to hear
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional relationships
  • Help people understand exactly what you want them to understand
  • Understand how to make choices that empower you and enrich your life
  • Help influence others to make positive choices for themselves
  • Discover the unconscious reasons why we hold back personal and professional achievement
  • Enjoy better harmony at home and at work

Module 5: Beyond Words- Languaging Change Through The Quantum Field

  • Discover how easy it is to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively, during conversation
  • Learn how to use words to unconsciously prepare the client for change

Included in these language patterns are:

  • Temporal Language to Create Shifts in Consciousness with demo
  • Meta Model III with demo
  • Linguistic Resourcing with demo
  • Anticipation Builder Process
  • De-identification Pattern with demo

Besides all the language presentations and demos in this module, we have included the "Foolproof Formula" for the Expert Master Practitioner.

Have you ever completed a NLP Pattern or technique and found it collapsed...fell apart or didn't work in other words. Well when you understand the Meta Pattern in which all NLP Patterns are built....you will understand why the pattern you thought you did masterfully collapsed.

With a full understanding of this pattern you can not only find where you went wrong but you can use pieces of any NLP technique you know or even create your own techniques and patterns for optimum success.

After learning "The Meta Pattern of ALL NLP Patterns" you will understand the components of every NLP Technique. And, you will be able to quickly Build Your Own NLP Patterns as well as know what isn’t working with a pattern, and why. And having that understanding will allow you to  then intervene as necessary like a Master!

Module 6: Physical & Psychological Healing – Advanced Healing and Clearing Techniques

How many people do you know who suffer from allergies? Some 50 million Americans Suffer from Allergies according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Now that's a lot of people; you could build a coaching business with the Allergy Relief process alone with those numbers, but you don't have to be limited by your local area. In the 2 demonstrations you will see Ronda doing this process on a video conference call. The client isn't even in the same country.

You will learn:

  • Why Hurts Linger and what to do about it
  • The Allergy Relief Process with 2 demonstrations
  • The Healing Paradigm, not often taught at live trainings, with demonstration
  • A Script for Communicating directly to the unconscious mind to clear symptoms and support healing
  • An Alternative Way of establishing YES & NO responses with the unconscious mind - demonstration included
  • Beat The Binge with the Naturally Slender Eating Strategy
  • Forgiveness Pattern - A Gift To You and a live demonstration that will amaze you how this pattern helped forgive what many people would consider unforgivable
  • Drop Through Method - can be used on it's own but it's also a great clean-up technique when there is a little negative emotion or state that is left after doing another process
  • Also, you will be introduced to a well-known NLP technique “Dock on the Bay” There is a introduction, an overview of the process and a demonstration

Module 7: Blast The Blocks To An Exceptional Life – Breakthrough Experience

Are you ready uncover the Unconscious BLOCK that has been
preventing you from reaching the next level of success?

Whether it’s Business, Finances, Personal Relationships or Health and Fitness, learning and experiencing the Breakthrough process will not only remove what is blocking you…it’s an Exceptionally great process to use with clients to Enhance Your Coaching Practice.

During your training you will have the opportunity to benefit from your experience, and practice your skills. It’s a Win/Win for you and the lucky person you get to help make a life transformation.

  • Learn your underlying motivation for all your actions
  • Discover your personal sources of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Learn how to identify values which no longer serve you or support your goals
  • Uncover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness or conflict
  • Find ways to align your values with your goals
  • Identify and eliminate unconscious conflicts between your values, goals, ethics and desires
  • How to use values alignment in business, sales, management, relationships, etc
  • How to craft your personal evolution

Included are 2 Personal Breakthrough Demonstrations for fast and effective personal change. The 1st demonstration is of adult content and not suitable for children. The 2nd demonstration is to heal the client's ongoing problem with finances. A year later the client for this demonstration said he has now increased his financial situation by 55%....now that's a Breakthrough Experience!

Module 8: Creating Internal Calm – Integrating Conflicting Beliefs

Conflicts in belief systems occur when two or more presently existing beliefs lead to behaviours that are contradictory — creates a double bind. The most problematic conflicts occur when the opposing beliefs involve identity issues around which there is a negative judgment about oneself.

Example: I want to help people succeed (mission in life). What stops you? I’m not successful, if I can’t help myself, how can I help others?

We will explore the impact Beliefs have on you and how you live your life. This will be followed by a discussion, demonstration and practice with a technique designed to integrate conflicting beliefs. Here again, you will see parts of other techniques and basic NLP concepts coming together to form a process for addressing a specific issue.

Rebalance Your Energy – Ho’oponopono:

Ho’oponopono is a traditional problem solving method utilized by ancient and modern Hawaiians to resolve situations that are unproductive and/or destructive to the well-being of individuals and therefore to the community.

Ho’oponopono means to bring things back into balance and to make right with the people with whom you have relationships.

Have you ever been in the presence of an acquaintance or family member where you felt the energy being drained from you? Ho’oponopono provides an opportunity to rebalance these relationships so that it is not one of "all give and no return". That is, you will now interact in a more resourceful and respectful way with this person while respecting your values and desires.

Ho’oponopono is also about forgiving. This is important, because when we forgive others, who are we forgiving? Ourselves, of course.

You will explore and understand the ho’oponopono process as well as have the opportunity to experience the power of this process.

Two Bonuses: From our practitioner training we have included our very own Incongruence Resolution and the Re-imprint Method. These two processes are combined in the demonstration to help the client move past a long term issue in her life.

Module 9: Fearless Presenting with Flare

Whether you have to prepare a presentation to speak in public or you want to get rid of those butterflies that prevent you from growing your business, the Fearless Public Speaking workshop is designed to overcome anxiety of presenting yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you can’t freely speak whenever you would like to, that’s a problem that prevents you from enjoying life. And, it can prevent you from being the best in your field.

We will give you the Secret to Overcome Shyness - Social Anxiety - Fear of Public Speaking! You will have the ability to enter a room full of strangers... and talk to anyone with total confidence plus captivate the attention of any audience with flare!

You will also learn about Psychogeography and how it relates to the geographical relationship between the members of a group (system) and how it has an important non-verbal influence upon the group’s process and the interactions with one another.

Plus The Digestible Stretch - giving proper feedback (from our NLP Practitioner). If you are a teacher, parent, boss or trainer, giving proper feedback is an important skill to learn so you can not only avoid destroying someone's self-esteem but also done properly it can boost confidence in anyone at any age.

Module 10: Create A Masterful Life – Outcome MASTERY

Spiral Dynamics: Understanding different world views to create harmony in business and personal relationships. A model for human evolution...an eye opening view of levels of consciousness from basic survival, entrepreneurs, cutting edge thinkers, to a high level of spiritual development. Enhance your interaction with all people creating a Masterful Life.

Projecting Success: The Recovery Strategy (review from our NLP Practitioner Training)

Outcome Mastery: From time to time, you may feel there is a disconnect between what you are doing and what you want and value. Often this disconnect arises due to lack of clarity on what you desire. Without clearly defined outcomes, you tend to live in the mundane and mindlessly repeat what you have done before.

Many successful people and teams, credit their success to having expressed their desires in terms of SMART goals. However a significant percentage of those who set SMART goals do not fully achieve their dreams. Two major reasons are:

  • They did not stand back and take a systems perspective
  • There is a lack of passion

We will introduce you to MASTERY rather than SMART and use the logical levels to specify your outcome — in life or career. Then we will assist you to establish your outcome as a future attainable memory, giving your unconscious a focus and direction to identify the opportunities and keep you on track to achieve your outcome.

Bonus: 2 meditation audios (Quest & Sailing) as a bonus for download

Life Potential Developments’ NLP Master Practitioner Certification helps you confidently integrate these advanced NLP technologies to meet your personal, business and career goals and objectives.

This Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification training meets the standards of the NLP Global Standards Association recognized by other boards and associations worldwide.

Participants Who Successfully Complete This Training And Competently Demonstrate
Their Ability To Use NLP In An Ethical And Professional Manner May Receive Certification As A:

  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology™
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time-Based Techniques™
  • Certified Master Coach


30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

Very comprehensive

Very comprehensive and helped reinforce the learning

I was very happy with the certification and how you set it up – the manuals and videos worked well with one another. Very comprehensive and helped reinforce the learning.

Ken Blackburn  // IKFF Director of Operations http://blackburnfitness.com/ 

Maureen Melanson

The material I learned made it so easy to feel confident

I love that I can always go back and review the previous material whenever I want and as I just finished my Masters I feel so confident that I received the best training available. I also received an amazing handbook to use as a reference. I highly recommend Ronda and Bob's online course. Bob is always working to make sure the videos are working great and has just recently updated everything to make using the course user-friendly, Love the changes.

Maureen Melanson //  NLP Master Practitioner, HypnoBirthing, Clinical Hypnotherapist