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“I recommend this NLP training to anyone – therapist, psychologist, counselor,
the business field… a great help to people in all walks of life!”
Dr. Gordon Sudduth – The Woodlands Texas

Easy To Follow Yet Rich In Content NLP Training That Will Successfully Bring You To Expert Status In Understanding And Using The NLP Techniques.

And Best Of All, You’ll Feel Totally At Ease With Our No Pressure, Flexible, And Always Available On Your Time NLP Training Courses.

“Ronda and Bob offer the most well formatted and thorough NLP Training Courses available today. If you’re looking to dive head first into the world of NLP on YOUR schedule…this is the system for you!”
Todd Newton
Emmy Award Winner and Master NLP Practitioner

Choosing The Right NLP Training Course For You

Benefits Of Our Life Potential System

Listen to students who tell you the benefits they received from taking our NLP Certification Training.

Questions You Must Ask

Before rushing headlong into any NLP Course, you must ask these questions or else!

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“Life Potential Developments offers clear & concise training in NLP. The modules kept me interested and on target. They successfully prepared me for creating my own life coaching business. Bob and Ronda teach in a way that is easy for students who learn visually, auditory or kinesthetically. Feel free to go at your own pace or follow their schedule. The accreditation they provide backs up their education. Of course, they are extremely personable and professional and hands-on involved in the online training. I recommend their NLP training to anyone interested in creating a coaching career.”
Kate McIntyre
Relaxation Life Coach NLP Practitioner - Columbus, OH

NLP Training: How To Avoid Overwhelm & Confusion

Looking for the right NLP Training can be an overwhelming and confusing process because you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong one.

And unless you are absolutely clear on what you want in an NLP Training, then it will be next to impossible to sift through the rhetoric and find the best one for you.

So, your first and most crucial step should be to list what you’re looking for in NLP Training.

And, to help you clarify your purpose and reach your goal of getting the right NLP Training, we have compiled a page of the most important information to know and questions to ask here: 

How To Avoid Overwhelm And Confusion
And Get The Best NLP Training For You

As you will see the questions are to ask yourself and your potential trainers.

Some questions are from our experience as NLP students, having taken over 1,000 hours of training.

Other questions arise from being NLP Trainers, teaching students from around the world, for the last 18 years. Many of those students have had experiences with other NLP Trainers as well.

And, because it doesn’t matter whether you are just starting to consider NLP Training or you’re in the advanced stage of selecting an NLP Practitioner Training or NLP Master Practitioner Training, there are questions you must ask.

Or suffer the consequences if you don’t.

Because most problems arise after you have paid for and taken your training. And, unfortunately, it’s too late then to do much about it.

There will be some questions you may have already thought about asking. And, obviously, some fundamental questions you haven’t thought of asking but should.

So, to help you avoid pitfalls and to get you the best NLP Training to suit your needs, I highly recommend reading this page:

It’s always best to start your journey with the correct information to make a good decision.

That way, you will feel good about learning and using NLP, which should be the ultimate goal.

Because when you continue to use NLP, you’re not just improving yourself; you’re helping others and making the world a better place to live. And you can’t beat that for an outcome.

I had the very great fortune of deciding to study NLP in 2011. Of course, I researched a number of different trainers and was lucky enough to find Life Potential Developments. I signed up and started the training. A few modules in I panicked; the training was touching me in places where I needed healing. I was going to drop out of the training and throw my investment away.

Thank goodness Bob Clarke stepped in and recommended I move to a part of the program that would help me focus on beginning to overcome my fears and challenges and begin my own healing process.

I finished the training and gained tremendously in terms of my own mental and emotional health and really began to grow. I gained self-confidence and a much better sense of self. And, I began to see a path.

Most of all, I was prepared to begin to tackle the real challenges in my life and, as I like to say, take a hard look at my demons and stare them down. That’s when Ronda Degaust came into the picture. Through her very targeted and on point coaching, I was able to face some demons that had been haunting me most of my life.

Today, I am more confident than I have ever been. I truly like and love myself. I am healthier than I have ever been. And it just keeps getting better and better.

I am so grateful to Ronda Degaust, Bob Clarke, and Life Potential Developments for their one-on-one attention, and for how they have helped me. These words are not at all adequate. If you really want to see differences in your own life and the lives of others, this is the only place to be.

Patrick Mazor NLP Testimonial
Patrick Mazor
Lubbock, Texas