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Becoming a Life Coach Avoid The Office And Still Make Six-Figure Income

Whether you’re changing careers or looking to get back into the workforce, becoming a Life Coach is the ideal home business for earning $100,000 a year doing something you love.

Becoming a Life Coach could be just the ticket if you’re looking for a life change, especially if the thought of going back out to work fills you with dread.

Moreover, perhaps you need to do something you really love for a change? Something you can do on your own terms, from the comfort of your home.

And something that could still pay you a six-figure income.

Doing that would be difficult in some fields. It’s not like you could wake up tomorrow and become a doctor or lawyer or anything else that needs years of study and work.

But becoming a Life Coach … working from home … with people you never actually meet, except over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom?

Absolutely doable through our NLP Life Coach Training & Life Coach Certification Online.

In addition, Life Potential Developments can almost guarantee your success in becoming a Life Coach through our training and support system.

But more on our Life Coach Training later. Right now, let’s dig into some benefits of becoming a coach to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Top 6 Reasons For Becoming a Life Coach

The first thing to tackle is, why become a life coach in the first place?

Below I’ve listed out the top 6 reasons we hear from our students on why they wanted to become life coaches.

Now, if you’ve already been thinking of becoming a Life Coach then you probably have your own reasons. So let’s see if your reasons match our students reasons.

1.) Satisfaction From Helping Others

Satisfaction from helping others. (This is a big one!) Some say they’re natural helpers, so it just fits. I mean, that’s the real meaning of doing something you love, isn’t it?. So, how about you? Have you always been a helper, always giving you time … for free?

So, why not keep helping people but start getting compensated for it? My bet says you’ll get a double hit when you get paid for helping someone with their problems.

2.) Unrestricted Income

Unrestricted income. Being in total control of how much you make. (no begging for a raise or seeing less competent people make more money than you)

Many people need to find new types of work because their skill set is not useful anymore. As a result, they’re often faced with minimum wage jobs if they can find a job at all.

Even if your minimum wage is $15 per hour, that’s only $120 for a full day’s work. In comparison, making $120 an hour as a coach is a low-paid coach.

3.) Working Only With People You Like

Working with people you like, and only people you like. (yup, you can fire clients when you’re a coach:)

I think we’ve all had to work with someone we didn’t like at one point in our lives. Whether it was someone with a bad attitude or someone who didn’t pull their weight.

It might have even been someone who made your working life miserable almost every single day.

But, as a coach you get to select who you work with. As a matter of fact, you can design your practice around a particular type of person to make sure of successfully working with those people you like most.

4.) Freedom

Freedom. You get to go where you want when you want. I’m not just talking about fantastic vacations anywhere in the world, but daily freedoms too. For example, coaches can make more in an hour than most people make all day. Even a badly paid coach!

Want to get groceries on Tuesday instead of Saturday? Perhaps a swim on a hot day, a two-hour-long coffee break or maybe just an afternoon power nap when the feeling hits you?

The freedom of being a Life Coach is a whole different world, and it’s a fantastic world!

5.) Security

Security. Not only does making more money allow you to tuck more away, but having multiple clients gives you multiple streams of income. That means never having to depend on just one source, and that’s real security.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen from the pandemic, even the largest companies can shut down suddenly, leaving you stranded without a paycheque.

And one thing that you can be absolutely sure of is that people never run out of problems.

Because, unfortunately, the worse the world becomes the more problems people have.

6.) No Age Discrimination!

There’s no age discrimination. Unlike what typically happens within companies that continue to hire younger people, due to being able to mold them, as well as pay them less. The coaching field tends to appreciate older coaches more than younger.

Actually, clients seem to like us older mature coaches better. We’ve got automatic built in experience that people don’t question, and feel comfortable with.

But if you’re only doing phone coaching, or turn off your video, they will never see you anyway.

And that touches on one of my favourite things about being a life coach. I’m a borderline introvert. So, as an online coach, this enables me to be a little more affable when I’m coaching. Meaning, I can act as if I’m an out-there kind of guy. And then, when I’ve finished the coaching session, I can go hide … uh … I mean … return to my introverted or reserved self.


Above I’ve listed the top 6 reasons our students gave for becoming a Life Coach. There are more reasons than these 6 of course. And, you may have different reasons than the ones above. The thing to keep in mind is that the actual reasons for you to become a life coach are the most important for you. And you should always listen to, and follow your heart.

As far as life coach training is concerned we literally wrote the book on that.

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