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NLP Training Reviews from our students state how they feel about our NLP Training Online. Unlike some companies, we never pay for reviews; they are always given freely.

Please scroll through the many happy student reviews below to see how others feel about our Online NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner Training. You may see someone from your area or in your field of interest. You may even hear something that resonates with you on a deeper level that makes a difference.

Whatever you notice reading through our NLP Training Reviews, let that be a sign that you are in a place where you can achieve your dreams with our Online NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification and Coaching Programs too!

"From National Sales Manager, to National Director, and now Sr VP of Sales for a National Company"

"I've been practicing my NLP methods and techniques that I've learned from you with my team and our prospects to achieve successful outcomes.

Interestingly, I started your course around the same time I started working for my current company and worked my way up from National Sales Manager to National Director. I'm now the Sr VP of Sales for a National Company.

I've traveled throughout the country for many years and have had many interactions with people where I had to build rapport with them and develop new relationships.

Although it took me many years to finally complete my certification, my main goal in taking the course was to learn as much as possible on how to live a successful life not only in business but also in my personal life.

I've also been married for over 22 years and NLP has helped me to live a better life with my family as well."

Jim Kwon image
Jim Kwon
San Clemente, CA

"Allowed me the flexibility to manage learning and life"

This course has been an eye-opener for me and has given me many tools to utilize in my quest to become a Life Coach. Thank you, Ronda and Bob, for the convenient platform that allowed me the flexibility to manage learning and life. Great videos too!
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
S. Sen
HR Practitioner, Milton, ON

"It was powerful, easy, motivating, and made me more confident"

I want to say how useful this program was for me. It was powerful, easy, motivating, and made me more confident when I put it all together.

Before taking this program, my experience using these techniques was ineffective because they were presented differently and did not suit me. As a result, I could not achieve the effect I wanted with my clients.

These techniques are presented here in a different way, and when I tried them, it was a discovery for me, and I use them very often with clients, only now I use them with a smile on my face.

Dejan Markovic image
Dejan Marković
NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach - Belgrade, Serbia

“This has been a great journey”

"I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much for the feedback as well. This has been a great journey. I have enjoyed every bit of it, immensely. With all the demanding Master's work, I have been yearning to finish writing up all the case studies and achieve these certifications.

I have thoroughly reviewed, watched, and re-watched all the training videos. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you. I now look forward to NLP Master practitioner training. I’m so glad that I am registered for it with Life Potential Developments already!"

“I tried them (techniques) with a friend and she was shocked by the results!”

I haven't told you yet but your work is amazing. Excellent course. I am very happy I took it and I am looking forward to using the techniques. I tried them with a friend and she was shocked by the results!

“Expanding my horizons through NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)!”

"I am so proud to be a Certified NLP Practitioner and to engage in the welcoming NLP Practitioner community. I truly appreciate your expert insights and instruction –– you have inspired me to see things in a whole new light through uncovering the transformational value of NLP and the awesomeness of Life Potential Developments. Thank you so much for helping me expand my horizons!"

“The demos were incredibly useful for my learning”

I finished my, Master Practitioner, training and I want, first of all, to thank you all for the great journey that I had. The demos were incredibly useful for my learning and I really appreciate how the training is structured. I will definitely recommend this training to others.
Andreea Nicolau
Andreea Nicolau, Romania
NLP Practitioner

“Appreciated being able to learn NLP at my own pace and convenience”

"Many thanks for the course. I have enjoyed learning about NLP and appreciated being able to do so at my own pace and convenience."
Kate Witteveen
Kate Witteveen, Australia
NLP Practitioner​

“I love that I can always go back and review the previous material whenever I want”

“In my quest to expand my education a really good friend recommended taking an NLP course. As I already had a background in Hypnotherapy, she said it was an amazing way to help people create change in their lives. I will be honest I had no idea what NLP was before I began my research. I started reading books on NLP and also started looking for where I could receive training. To say there are a lot of options is an understatement.

My main goal was to make sure the teaching I received was excellent so that I knew without a doubt what I was doing. As when you are working with people's lives, you want to know your stuff. I did not want to pay for just a name, which can happen in some of the training offered. So I looked at the amount of training I was receiving, and the cost. In my search, I found Life Potential Developments.

I am so very thankful I trusted my gut after looking at what others were offering this was and is a perfect fit. I took both the Practitioner and Master certification.

The material I learned made it so easy to feel confident in what I was doing. I got to connect and practice with a buddy through the Guardian Angel Forum within the training, and you can ask any question with zero judgment. You can also look to see the questions others asked and the answers from your trainer on the forum which I thought was so helpful. If I had any questions, I knew Ronda was happy to help me in any way.

I love that I can always go back and review the previous material whenever I want and as I just finished my Masters I feel so confident that I received the best training available. I also received an amazing handbook to use as a reference. I highly recommend Ronda and Bob's online course. Bob is always working to make sure the videos are working great and has just recently updated everything to make using the course user-friendly, Love the changes. May you find and know your life's potential.

I am truly thankful for all the help and support that I received from both Bob and Ronda of Life Potential Developments, are truly great people and have developed an amazing course. They go over and above what you could imagine and have a vast wealth of resources to draw from as they have been doing it for many years."

“... broadened my ability to understand and provide focused counselling support for my clients.”

It is with pleasure I recommend Life Potential Developments and its NLP certification course. Even with my degree in Counselling Psychotherapy, I was delighted to find the course content and online classes were very thorough, informative and educational. It shed a deeper light on what I learned in my graduate studies and has broadened my ability to understand and provide focused counselling support for my clients. As course leaders, Ronda and Bob were and are, nothing short of excellent!

“You guys are absolutely a cut above the rest.”​

I really appreciate this training and getting to learn from such amazing people, you guys are absolutely a cut above the rest. You so seriously rock! ​

“I am so in love with this course” ​

Let me tell you that I am so in love with this course, I know it has changed my life and will continue to do so.
Gustavo Guzman
Gustavo Guzman

“I received my certificates and they are beautiful”

Thank you so much, I received my certificates and they are beautiful.
It was a pleasure learning from you!

Many Blessings

MaryLou Hunter
MaryLou Hunter

“Having the program online was perfect for me”

The quality and professionalism of the NLP Practitioner Training I received through Life Potential Developments was outstanding.

The program was thorough from beginning to end. The program gave me in-depth terminology definitions, background theory, real-life examples (video and written), strategies, exercises and Case Studies that ensured I would have the knowledge and practical application to be confident as a practitioner.

Having the program online was perfect for me. I was able to go through the program at my own pace no matter where I was physically located in the world.

I appreciated Ronda’s quick responses in both the Guardian Angel Forum and with technical support questions - helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend this program for NLP Practitioner knowledge and certification. Sincerely,

“Allowing me to work at my own pace”

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to study through Life Potential Developments and thank you for your patience and understanding in answering my numerous questions along the way.

Whilst, as I have discussed with you previously it has taken me a little longer than I had originally anticipated, I am glad I have been able to really sink my teeth into this program, as part of my learning journey allowing me to work at my own pace, to ensure I grasped and further implemented the myriad of techniques offered through NLP in my personal and professional life.

Again, I would like to acknowledge Bob and yourself for the passion you consistently display around NLP and the way you are continuing to expand this important concept around the world. Keep up the great work!

Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Liam Casson
(Player Development Manager Australia)

“It was very personal, helpful and great fun.”

Informative, learned a lot of new techniques/skills and could get rid of "old stuff", it was very personal, helpful and great fun. I'll keep a lot of pictures in mind. Thanks for all the support, input and openness.
Gaby Bodenschatz
Gaby Bodenschatz
(Teacher KÖLN, Germany)

Hope more and more people come to you for the light you share with them.

The education I got through the training works very well in my life, and in my clinic. I wish NLP is something people can learn in their elementary school time. It is an essential part of operating life. Thank you for being out there and promoting it. Hope more and more people come to you for the light you share with them.

“You Guys are Star Trainers!”

I liked every note from start to finish….of the seminar, that is! Perhaps best is this skillfully installed hunger for more NLP! You Guys are Star Trainers! I've had some trainers between here and Katmandu, none were as fine as You!
Star Trainers
Dan Kerr
English Language Coach KÖLN, Germany

“I am more than happy to recommend you and your course.”

I want to thank you for the prompt refund that you provided to me. As I expressed to you, the first module was very thorough and interesting, but other ventures came my way that I felt I needed to pursue. It was a pleasure to find a course and business owners that I could trust. I am more than happy to recommend you and your course. In sincere appreciation,
NLP With Heart
Jeannette McAdams, PA USA

“I was in awe, about everything…The material, the way you presented it, the fluidity”

I felt compelled to take a moment and praise you! I was in awe, about everything…The material, the way you presented it, the fluidity in subtle repetition throughout in different formats, the contents and full body, your level of patience, kindness and caring in the way you teach the material and in the way it is all organized! Raving review thus far, thank you. I ate it all up and couldn’t stop...Surprisingly enough, (do to your extraordinary and skillful way of presentation) I actually only had 1 question which I guess I can post on the form so it can benefit others that may have the same question.
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
JR, Montreal QC

“My family and friends noticed in me the difference in my personality”

The training was excellent to me; I began to notice people's behavior in many situations, more understanding, and helping people to overcome their fear. The course made me more confident in my work as a consultant, running meetings with control and direct to the point. I am active now more than ever since I know now how humans behave.

Your fast response and support had made this course beneficial since I did not wait long for an answer. My family and friends noticed in me the difference in my personality; in fact many of them want to do the same as I did. Also, my English language got stronger now and my English reading has gotten faster per minute.

Hussain Alkhamis
Hussain Alkhamis (Kuwait)

“Tools to be more effective in living a fulfilled and happy life!”

I've begun the online training for the Master Practitioner. I am now in step 7 of the first module, and I am THOROUGHLY enjoying it:) I now realize that this program, and NLP in general, will give me not only tools to be more effective as a coach but also tools to be more effective in living a fulfilled and happy life! Thank you for giving me access to this program for such an affordable rate!
Fulfilled and Happy Life
Haim Ore, Paseo De Elenita, CA USA

“Your NLP training gave me a very interesting gift….”

Your NLP training gave me a very interesting gift…. As you remember when I started this course my liver enzyme was~480 (target is 50), I was angry, I was always upset… Approx 2/3 of the training I felt I was changed. I’m calmed and I focus on present and not past….and the enzyme is 100 in February!!! Never, never was similar low value in the last 13 years…. Thank you for this chance.
Testimonial Krisztian Kakszi
Krisztián Kakszi, Hungary

“They successfully prepared me for creating my own life coaching business”

Life Potential Developments offers clear & concise training in NLP. The modules kept me interested and on target. They successfully prepared me for creating my own life coaching business. Bob and Ronda teach in a way that is easy for students who learn visually, auditory or kinesthetically. Feel free to go at your own pace or follow their schedule. The accreditation they provide backs up their education. Of course, they are extremely personable and professional and hands-on involved in the online training. I recommend their NLP training to anyone interested in creating a coaching career.
Testimonial Kate McIntyre
Kate McIntyre, Columbus, OH
Relaxation Life Coach NLP Practitioner

“I am happy and fortunate to have you both as my coach”

I am happy and fortunate to have you both as my coach. I understand that NLP is a life long learning process and I will keep on expanding my map and be a better person and lead a happy life. God bless you both and I wish you every success.
Lead a happy life
Pa Ya Ker, Malaysia

“You have brought something wonderful to this world”

I would like to thank you for this wonderful program. I've learned so much and that learning already has been beneficial to me, my family and other volunteers. I am looking forward to what it brings in the future. Thank you again. You have brought something wonderful to this world.
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Dorothy Guy-Clark, MA, Chico, California
NLP Practitioner

“I´m glad that I can continue to use online material”

I think this has been a very interesting course and NLP has a lot of useful tools in personal and professional life. I´m glad that I can continue to use online material. Thank you.
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Eva Lillqvist, Västerås, Sweden

“I haven't been pressured to finish by a fixed deadline”

I just wanted to thank you once again for having put so much time and effort into such a quality product! With the payment plan and the 10 individual modules, I haven't been pressured to finish by a fixed deadline. This is the only flexible course I have found, let alone of this amazing quality.
Testimonial Carl Coutinho
Carl Coutinho, Gatineau, Quebec

“This program is brilliant in its simplicity and rich in content”

This program is brilliant in its simplicity and rich in content. Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn NLP via this program. I learned so much and it was time and money well spent!
Testimonial Becca Oconnor
Becca O'Connor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
President WINGS USA

“I knew from the beginning that I was choosing the right school.”

You guys are great, and you teach the way I love to learn. You have a very special way to instruct your students. I felt at ease and very comfortable during the whole course. I knew from the beginning that I was choosing the right school. I am impressed with the program, it's very easy to follow. You care about your students. I am very pleased. It couldn't be better!
Testimonial Marie Ellis
Maria Ellis, Salt Lake City, Utah

“I`m having fun learning with co-students”

Thank you for an excellent training and for the laughs and fun it has been every time we connected. Your positive outlook and professionalism have been a great motivator. I love how the on-line course allows me to take in the learnings at my own speed, and with the new possibility of finding a practice buddy online, I`m having fun learning with co-students.
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Nina Larsen, Bergen Norway

“More value than I expected from this training, and I had pretty high expectations”

I have enjoyed every minute of this training and I appreciate the effort you have put into making it into what it is. I have received a lot more value than I expected from this training, and I had pretty high expectations.
Testimonial Mikael Jakobsson
Mikael Jakobsson, Sweden

“One of the greatest gifts I have given myself!”

One of the greatest gifts I have given myself! This remarkable NLP online training program, and its 2 gifted coaches, Ronda & Bob, have helped guide me to personal empowerment, self-discovery, life purpose, and peace with the past.
Testimonial Jeff Hartman
Jeffrey Hartman, Margate NJ
Professional Coach, Trainer, Author, Educator

“Extremely fulfilling and the support provided ... simply phenomenal.”

For years I have wanted to complete an NLP program as I knew the potential of this knowledge, so when I did my research I found that Life Potential Developments had one of the most comprehensive courses available.

The program was thorough and challenging throughout each of the modules, extremely fulfilling and the support provided from both Ronda and Bob toward understanding the concepts was simply phenomenal.

This program worked extremely well into my personal, professional and educational life (yes all at once) as there were no time constraints for completion. As a mediator, the knowledge and techniques provided in this program are absolutely invaluable in my profession and Anthony Robbins stated it quite well: To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Testimonial Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson, B.A. Q.Med. Hamilton ON
Phoenix Mediations

“I really feel like you want your students to understand and learn the material”

I love the way you and Bob decided to offer your NLP training to the public. The online format is efficient and convenient to use, and there are so many extra benefits that the regular 5 day hotel seminars just don’t have—especially your one-on-one assistance over the phone and online.

I really feel like you want your students to understand and learn the material, and to be proficient practitioners. Your sincerity as people is a major plus in my opinion. One of the turn offs I had with other programs that I had considered was that they seemed to be flashy and more focused on using NLP for selling which is fine – but I prefer your style of teaching and I get a sense that you really want this tool to be used to help people improve their lives.

I’ll recommend you highly to the people I know.
Testimonial Marc Hannon
Marc Hannon, M.S. Washington

“Great work for NLP Internationally”

It was my pleasure to have known both of you! Thank you for doing great work for NLP Internationally from where you are!

“You have found a unique way to teach through the internet, but it's not remote, it's very personal”

You have found a unique way to teach through the internet, but it's not remote, it's very personal - I wish you both every success - expand and grow - I continue to benefit from the NLP training together with my Counselling Course.
NLP Testimonial Phil Strong
Phil Strong, Gravesend UK

“Such a brilliant set up of the NLP practitioner course”

Can I just take this opportunity to thank you again for such a brilliant set up of the NLP practitioner course, I'm enjoying it so much and cannot wait to be qualified so I can help others achieve their inner potential.
Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Nosheen Raja, London England
Personal Fitness Trainer & Life Coach

“The material is easy to understand and put to use”

What a wonderful program! I am so glad that I signed up for your NLP Training. The material is easy to understand and put to use. To think, I have not even finished the entire program as of yet, but it has already been beneficial in working with my clients. Thanks for all you put in to making this a great experience!
Dr. Debra NLP Testimonial
Dr. Debra R. Brooks, LPC, CCLC Maryland
Emotional Healing & Parenting Coach

“I recommend this training to anyone - therapist, psychologist, counselor or ...”

I have just begun the training and have found Bob and Ronda incredibly helpful and caring!

Though I have a Ph.D. in psychology I can already see how beneficial NLP can be in therapy - especially with abused women, PTSD patients and marriage counseling. The information given is quite good and has a great flow to it - making it easy to learn.

Some of the principles, such as communication, I had already been using and this was quite encouraging.

I recommend this training to anyone - therapist, psychologist, counselor or someone in the business field. It is very insightful and will be a great help to people in all walks of life!

Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Dr. Gordon Sudduth, The Woodlands Texas

“I am so glad that I decided to learn NLP online”

I just completed module 1 of your NLP training and I thought it was fantastic. I printed off all the material to put in a binder and there is a TON of content. And yet, it is easy to understand and the video presentations are really done well.

I have taught almost 30 university classes and working on my doctorate in educational leadership, and the material you put together is exemplary from an instructional standpoint.

I am so glad that I decided to learn NLP online and have the material to go over and review anything that I missed. I also previewed the next two modules and I can't wait to get into the more advanced modules and put these powerful techniques to work in my own life and the lives of my clients. GREAT JOB.

NLP Testimonial Eric Swift
Eric Swift, Export PA

“The personal support from Ronda & Bob was amazing”

Hi. My Name is Aaron from Wollongong, south of Sydney Australia, and I just received my certificates from Life Potential Developments online NLP Practitioner course.

Getting started was easy, the payment plan fit my budget; the course is the flash (video) demonstration, and presentations are great, the text is comprehensive, and above all, the personal support from Ronda & Bob was amazing.

I truly believe that I got more personal attention, and took in and understood more than I would have at a seminar, all in the comfort of my own home.

Now I have insurance, a business name, made up some advertisement material, I am ordering cards tomorrow, and am proud to say I have my first paying client tomorrow, which will make me a Professional NLP practitioner.

If your thinking about it, just do it, it will fit in with your life, then change your life.

Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Aaron Lee, Wollongong Australia

“I have never felt so alive, so focused and so much balance in my life”

First of all I like to say what an amazing program this is!!!

I have a long way to master NLP but I have never felt so alive, so focused and so much balance in my life, so thank you very much for having such a great service online!

Both you and Bob are very inspiring people, each time I learn something new I wanted to learn more. I usually cannot wait for the next module to arrive and the flow of information works so well with the videos.

While discovering and learning NLP last year I feel that I wanted to share what I am feeling and the knowledge I have with others. It feels I have this gift and I cannot wait to share it. I am in pursuit to start my own business as a life coach very soon.

Another Happy Student NLP Testimonial
Hilman Prijana, Australia

“My Life Is Calmer And Happier”

As always, I enjoyed the training and the time together with you both. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such a non-threatening and inclusive manner. I continually learn from you. I love NLP!

NLP has had a life-altering effect on me. My perceptions, reactions, and frames are much healthier. As well, my life is calmer and happier. I believe NLP (and your training) has been instrumental in my process!

NLP Testimonial Debbie R
Debbie Reimer, Canning Nova Scotia
Social Worker, EO

“Now, I am confident and comfortable with myself”

Ronda and Bob are highly skilled experts in this field of NLP, skills that they have passed on to me and my other fellow coaches through trainings.

My NLP skills are invaluable, especially in helping raise and understand my children. I have the confidence to manage whatever challenges my children or life presents to me.

Since the beginning, my self-awareness has grown to allow me to evolve into the person that has been tucked away for so long, screaming to come out.

Now, I am confident and comfortable with myself, and I know that at any given moment I have everything I need.

Krista NLP Testimonial
Krista McKay, Calgary, AB

“Very comprehensive and helped reinforce the learning”

I was very happy with the certification and how you set it up – the manuals and videos worked well with one another. Very comprehensive and helped reinforce the learning.

“I gained self-confidence and a much better sense of self.”

I had the very great fortune of deciding to study NLP in 2011. Of course, I researched a number of different trainers and was lucky enough to find Life Potential Developments. I signed up and started the training. A few modules in I panicked; the training was touching me in places where I needed healing. I was going to drop out of the training and throw my investment away.

Thank goodness Bob Clarke stepped in and recommended I move to a part of the program that would help me focus on beginning to overcome my fears and challenges and begin my own healing process.

I finished the training and gained tremendously in terms of my own mental and emotional health and really began to grow. I gained self-confidence and a much better sense of self. And, I began to see a path.

Most of all, I was prepared to begin to tackle the real challenges in my life and, as I like to say, take a hard look at my demons and stare them down. That’s when Ronda Degaust came into the picture. Through her very targeted and on point coaching, I was able to face some demons that had been haunting me most of my life.

Today, I am more confident than I have ever been. I truly like and love myself. I am healthier than I have ever been. And it just keeps getting better and better.

I am so grateful to Ronda Degaust, Bob Clarke, and Life Potential Developments for their one-on-one attention, and for how they have helped me. These words are not at all adequate. If you really want to see differences in your own life and the lives of others, this is the only place to be.

Patrick Mazor NLP Testimonial
Patrick Mazor Lubbock, Texas
NLP Practitioner - Coach

"The Most Well Formatted And Thorough Training Courses Available Today”

Ronda and Bob offer one of the most well formatted and thorough training courses available today. If you're looking to dive head first into the world of NLP on YOUR schedule...this is the system for you!

“Now I understand of the process to uncover the “highest possible intention”

Before learning about NLP, I would often have staff members come to me with conflicting stories about their disagreements. I’ve had conflict resolution and mediation training and felt comfortable with the process. At least I had thought so, until now.

Since starting the NLP training, I now have tools that I can use not only to make the surface issues walk away, but also to help the staff walk away with a deeper sense of resolve. I am just 3 months into the 10 module program and already I have found some very useful tools.

I can’t wait to see the changes in my approach after the 10 module program is complete. I think to date my favorite discovery has been that with all choice there is an underlying, deeper, higher intention.

Now I understand of the process to uncover the “highest possible intention” and I know that I have the ability to guide someone through the process to look at an issue from “multiple perspectives – not just their own.

Shelley Price NLP Testimonial
Shelley Price-Finn, B.Comm, MBA, PhD, Halifax NS
Manager, Custodial and Administration Saint Mary’s University Halifax

“I earned my NLP training certificate while sitting in front of my computer in my pajamas!”

I am a spiritual counselor with temperament (inborn make-up) therapy training. Although this is an effective counseling practice, it is not enough on its own, so I began to research other areas of therapy to integrate with and enhance the counseling experience, as well as impact me personally.

About three years ago it was suggested to me that I might look into a training program called Neuro Linguistic Programming. What I found was a variety of teaching arenas; mostly live training that consisted of three to five days of teaching seminars.

Not only would it require time away from work and making arrangements for my family, but using vacation pay or losing pay, period. Not to mention that “in a city near you” was not near me and that incurred other costs for travel, hotels and meals. All that in addition to the seminar fees! If you have taken more than a glance at NLP, you will realize that there is quite a bit of information to cover in a very short period of time at these live seminars.

However, all NLP training programs are not equal.

The online course offered through Life Potential Developments is the perfect choice for me. It is affordable, has no time constraints, and is taught thoroughly and ethically. The videos are quite useful, for “visual” learners like me, and help is just a click or phone call away.

Many people speak of servant leaders and helping others achieve their goals. But few are willing to put in the preparation, time and willingness to teach NLP the way Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke teach. They are constantly tweaking their programs for the ultimate online learning experience.

I am on my way to “communicating from the inside out.” I highly recommend learning NLP online with Life Potential Developments. After all, how many people can say, 'I earned my NLP training certificate while sitting in front of my computer in my pajamas!' ...

Terri Carver NLP Testimonial
Terri Carver, Texas

“Enhanced My Ability To Coach My Salespeople”

The skills and understanding obtained through Life Potential Developments' NLP Practitioner training has enhanced my ability to coach my salespeople to reduce their barriers and achieve greater success with their clients; thereby increasing revenue for all. My experience has brought out undeniable evidence that we all have the capabilities within us to change our lives for the better!

“Presuppositions Of NLP Really Matter”

Thank you for your kind feedback, I am glad that I could finish the modules, which is also a new beginning as a practitioner. As I went through more and more practices and reviews, I found the presuppositions of NLP really matters in all techniques. This year I have to take few research projects, needing to visit several countries around the world, and I think it is a good opportunity to learn what the role of cultural difference playing to the NLP. I am looking forward to taking the Master modules in the future.
Mu-Yu Wang NLP Testimonial
Mu-Yu Wang, Taiwan

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