I Failed But She Lost – Coaching

I felt depressed walking into the Federal Government office. My NLP Practitioner training in Lancaster PA had swallowed up my two weeks paid leave, and I was at work the very next day after arriving back home in Nova Scotia. I wanted desperately to start my own NLP coaching business using my NLP Training, but […]

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions

Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions What are NLP Presuppositions? And, why would you want to understand them? Richard Bandler, Co-Developer of NLP said: “NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.” Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions are connected to the attitude and the methodology connects that attitude to the NLP techniques. […]

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NLP Changes Procrastination – Language of the Poor!

Stop Procrastinating

What is preventing you for taking action on your ideas or projects? Are you too overwhelmed with all you want to do to actually get around to doing it? Are you longing for a better life, but don’t know where to start? The great author Og Mandino wrote that “to be always intending to make […]

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NLP: Being At Cause Versus Effect – Which side was Oprah on?

Being At Cause

“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody, who from an early age, knew I was responsible for myself and I had to make good.” – Oprah Winfrey Being At Cause Versus Effect NLP: Being at Cause versus Effect. Which side of cause-effect […]

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