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I Failed But She Lost – Coaching

I felt depressed walking into the Federal Government office.

My NLP Practitioner training in Lancaster PA had swallowed up my two weeks paid leave, and I was at work the very next day after arriving back home in Nova Scotia.

I wanted desperately to start my own NLP coaching business using my NLP Training, but I had a few obstacles.

The main obstacle was, I didn’t have any clients and didn’t know many people, having only lived in the Valley for three years.

Shortly after returning, I started offering free coaching to the staff at my office.

One lady took me up on the offer with a simple request, she wanted to wear jeans. Not much to work on there, or so I first thought.

She was a young lady who was always smiling and happy looking but, was a very large young lady, extremely overweight.

One Desire – To Wear Jeans

She told me, through tears, that she had not been able to wear jeans since she was 11, and her one desire was to wear jeans like normal people.

She had tried everything to lose weight, nothing had worked, and it was obvious from her tears and emotional state that this wasn’t just about her weight. I had to help her.

I gave the young lady my best new coach effort over a couple sessions without seeing any obvious change. And to tell you the truth, I felt like a failure because I didn’t help her.

Was I A Failure?

Perhaps I wasn’t cut out for coaching, I thought. But my desire to be a coach, to help others kept me going. People need help, I couldn’t give up. That’s worse than failing.

A short time later the young lady left the government as she only had a temp position. I left the government 10 and a half months later, starting Life Potential Developments and a full time coaching business.

Almost a year after leaving the government I was in the local grocery store, with my wife-partner Ronda, when I heard someone behind me call my name. I turned to see a young man with a lady whose face I thought I recognized.

Smiling with obvious delight and making a models pose, she said, I’m Brenda, remember? (not her real name)

I stood with my chin on the floor. I couldn’t believe this thin young lady standing before me in a pair of jeans was the same young lady I had coached almost two year ago.

I failed but she lost – All Her Weight!

We hugged and did some catching up, a lot of wonderful things had happened for her. She had a totally new life and was truly happy. To tell you the truth, I’m getting teary eyed as I’m telling you this.

Although I get paid now for coaching, and paid very well I might add, the feeling I get from my clients success is what will always keep me going. Knowing I play an important part in the bigger picture of life is my true reward.