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NLP Coaching: From Anger to Empowerment

Become Angry or Empowered

As we all have negative experiences in our lives, choosing to become angry to the situation only makes the situation worse. Wouldn’t it be better to come up with a solution to empower you?

Anger and resentment does not make the situation better or make it right. Neither does crawling into a corner feeling disempowered by the situation.

Moving Past The Anger

Instead of getting angry or seeking revenge to get even, consider what you could do to move past this situation.

When you consider everyone has a positive intention for their own actions, it doesn’t mean you have to
agree with their choices.

When you truly understand the positive intention each person has in the situation it helps you let go of the anger and move towards a solution for yourself.

Even if the situation goes against your highest values, moving past the negative response into a positive response creates a positive life for you. And, you do deserve positive life don’t you.

Living Is Learning

Learning from the situation is turning a bad situation into a empowering situation. When we learn and apply the learning into future situations, we gain positive insights on how we can do things differently if we come across the situation again.

Like all learning, when applied, it really leads us into success in our lives which in turn a positive life for ourselves.

We cannot change the past and staying angry is only hurting ourselves. How can you take the learning and apply it to the future to make all future happenings more positive for you and those you interact with?

The Choice Is Yours

As you are not responsible for other people’s behaviors, you have the choice within yourself to respond to the negative situation in a positive or negative way.

NLP Life Coaching is known for helping us change our reactions to outcomes that empower us. What do you want to change today that will empower your choices for tomorrow?