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Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP – A Mini Lesson

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

A Mini-Lesson

Most noteworthy is that Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the geniuses who created Neuro Linguistic Programming, known more commonly now as NLP.

A mini-lesson follows.

Now, you may think the main reason people use the short-term NLP instead of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that it’s easier to say. And you are probably correct in that thought.

But NLP is also easier and safer to spell.

It’s important to consider the spelling if you are doing any writing on the subject, here’s why.

If you were to use Google to look at search terms that people use to find Neuro Linguistic Programming Training Online, you would see many amazingly different ways people spell it.

The last word, Programming, has the simplest difference. Often you’ll see it with only one “m” like this. Neuro Linguistic Programing.

Another common spelling is combining the first two words, neuro linguistic, into neurolinguistic.

Then there’s the odd time you’ll see a Welsh-like form of it, neurolinguisticprogramming. (the welsh are known for having some very long word names:).

And even my favourite grammar checker puts a hyphen between neuro-linguistic.

Spelling Neuro Linguistic Programming

The first word may be most troublesome for many folks, as it’s such a simple-sounding odd word. Some different spelling examples of neuro that I’ve seen are nero linguistic programming, nuero linguistic programming, nuro linguistic programming, newro linguistic programming and, neural linguistic programming.

You might expect that the middle word would be more difficult to spell and have more variations. And you would be incorrect in that assumption.

First of all, I think it’s spelled correctly most often because it is difficult, and therefore, people pay more attention to it and may even look it up. However, I have seen neuro linguistic programming, neuro liguistic programming and neuro liquistic programming.

So, no matter how neuro linguistic programming is spelled, there is a lesson to learn here. The lesson is the Map is not the Territory.

Neuro Linguistic Programming – no matter how it is spelled, is only a word, or in this case, 3 words, used to describe a process. It is NOT the process.

Therefore don’t get hung up on the words, or as we say in NLP, ” be careful not to eat the menu.”

Get more control over your life by learning neuro linguistic programming and focusing on what really matters.

Oh, and other examples found were:

  • nuerol linguistic
  • nuerolinguistic programming
  • nureaulinguistics
  • non linquistic programming
  • nero lystistic programming
  • programa neuro linguistic
  • programmatin neuro linguistique
  • programmation neuro linguistique

If you have seen other variations, let me know.