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NLP Training Dubai Or Where Ever You Are

NLP Training Dubai Or Where Ever You Are

Many years ago, a company in Dubai asked us to come and do our NLP Training in their beautiful city. Oh, and it would be a yearly thing. So, what do you think we said?

Well, unfortunately, we had to turn the offer down due to a prior commitment.

We were living in New Minas, Nova Scotia, Canada, at the time and already had an NLP Training scheduled for that fall. In addition, students had already registered and paid for their NLP Practitioner Training.     

We were committed to giving them the best NLP training we could provide. And we were going to do what we promised, even if it meant giving up an opportunity of a lifetime and all the money we would have made that year and the years to come.

Because commitment is a high value for us, we follow through unless something happens beyond our control when we commit to something.

Read more about us as NLP Trainers here.

Being True To Your Values Opens Opportunities

Since being invited to do NLP Training in Dubai, we have created our  NLP Training Online and Coaching Program.

And, of course, now, we can give students from Dubai a link to our NLP Training Online, but it was impossible to stream video at that time.

Also, and most importantly, we have online students from the United Arab Emirates and neighbouring countries.

So, by being true to our values, we were not restricting ourselves; we became more open to better things happening over a longer time.

NLP Training in Dubai? Sure, it would have been a great experience, but we have had many great experiences, just different ones. We have also met many students worldwide, from 39 countries to date.

We’re still able to offer you the Best NLP Training regardless if you’re from Dubai, Christchurch, San Antonio, Toronto or anywhere else in the world there is an internet connection, just as if you were next door.

We have trained NLP students from every continent in the world except Antarctica (please feel free to be the first to join our training if you are reading this from Antarctica:)

More About NLP Training Online

Our NLP Training Online is much less than live NLP Training in Dubai and most other places. And you can take it at your own pace with lifetime access to review as many times as you like.

We use the best in technology to bring you the best NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching program globally.

And we have a lot of extras for you, too many to list here, so head on over to our NLP Training Registration page for full details.