NLP Training Dubai Or Where You Can Go Instead

NLP Training Dubai

Many years ago we were asked by a Dubai company to come to Dubai to do our NLP Training in their beautiful city.

It would have been a yearly deal offering our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program every fall. Unfortunately, we had to turn the offer down due to a prior commitment.

Of course, now we could just give them a link to our NLP Training Online, but at that time it was impossible to stream video.

Why We Turned Down NLP Training In Dubai

Yes, we turned down training in Dubai, but we had a very good reason.

You see we already had an NLP Practitioner Training scheduled for that fall with people registered for the program.

We were living in Nova Scotia, Canad at the time, and the training registrants were few, but when we committed to giving them the best training we could provide, then we were going to do what we promised.

Even if it meant giving up an opportunity of a lifetime and all the money we would have made that year and the years to come.

Because commitment is a very strong value for me and when I commit to something, I will follow through unless something happens beyond my control.

Read more about us as NLP Trainers here.

Don’t Be Restricted

Since being invited to do NLP Training in Dubai, we have developed our NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program Online. And, guess what, we have students from Qatar and Abu Dhabi and others all neighboring Dubai.

So we are not restricted to NLP Training in Dubai, and you are not limited to training in Dubai or any other place.

We’re able to train you regardless if you’re from the Middle East, Japan, Brazil and anywhere else in the world there is an internet connection, just as if you were next door.

And as a matter of fact, we have trained people from every continent in the world except Antartica (please feel free to be the first to join our training if you are reading this from Antartica:)

More About NLP Training Online

Our NLP Training Online is less than half the cost of the live NLP Training in Dubai and most other places. And you can take it at your own pace with lifetime access to review as many times as you like.

We use the best in technology in the world to bring you the best NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching program in the world.

And we have a lot of extras for you, too many to list here so head on over to our NLP Training Registration page for full details.

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