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NLP Training Canada: Get These 19 Questions To Help You Choose

(Including 19 Questions To Ask To Get The Best NLP Training For You)

Is it NLP Training Canada Versus NLP Training United States for you?

O Canada! We train in NLP for thee … but is just being a Canadian NLP Trainer enough to gain your trust and business, or should you be more concerned about getting the Best NLP Training?

Of course, your answer would depend on many things or many criteria, the first perhaps being financial. I say financial because the farther you have to travel, the more it will cost you in time and dollars. And many people translate time into dollars.

And because so many people from around the world told us they wanted to take our training but couldn’t afford the time and travel cost, we created our NLP Training Online.

It was the very first fully online NLP Certification Training in the world!

For everything we noticed that was missing in live training, including ours, we made sure we covered it entirely in our made for the internet NLP Training Online. We even managed to put in personality. But don’t just take my word for it; check out our Testimonials.

Now, About NLP Training Canada

Canada has a total population of about 34 million people. Compare that with the state of California’s population in the good ole US of A with approximately 37 million people!

It’s no wonder NLP Training Canada has fewer NLP Trainers compared to the United States.

With a country as large as Canada, it’s a given that if you want live NLP Training, you will have to travel. It’s just a matter of how far.

But can your lifestyle situation and comfort zone allow you to get the best NLP training if you are limited by how far you can travel?

Well, that’s only one of the questions you should be asking yourself before selecting something as crucial as NLP Training. You might even ask yourself, NLP Training Canada or somewhere else? Especially if you are feeling patriotic.

Luckily we have a list of questions to help you get the best NLP Training for your needs.

You can also watch a video here:

Questions You Must Ask To Choose The BEST NLP Training For YOU!


Questions You Must Ask Yourself

1. What skills do I have now, and what skills do I need to accomplish my outcome?

– Make a list.

2. What’s The Price And What Will It Cost Me? Don’t be confused; these are two different things.

– Price is what you pay upfront for the training, e.g., NLP Training Canada.– Cost is what you pay over time due to other charges, i.e. (time lost, travel, accommodations, support, further training (because you absolutely will forget things), and more are part of the total cost you may forget to factor in).

3. How can I get NLP Training without disrupting my family, my work, my life?

4. Which NLP training offers what I need?

– Compare to your criteria list from above. )

5. Can I Afford The Total Cost of Live NLP Training? Will the total present and future costs be too much in one lump sum?

(remember credit card interest minimum 19.9% that’s $0.20 on every dollar!!)Remind yourself to ask for a Payment Plan, one without interest, preferably.

6. Which Is Better For Me Live Training or NLP Training Online? Which fits my lifestyle better?


Questions You Must AskThe NLP Institute

Make Sure To Read The Last Question – The Most Important One Of All!

1. Does The NLP Training meet Global Standards for NLP Practitioner Certification Recognized Throughout The World?

NLP Global Standards, i.e., 120-hour training – trained by a certified NLP Trainer or a Master Practitioner supervised by a certified NLP Trainer.

2. Can You Go On To Higher Levels of Training (e.g., Master Practitioner Certification) by taking your NLP training online with this company?

Many recognized NLP Institutes will not certify you as a Master Practitioner unless you are Certified as an NLP Practitioner.

And, if the NLP training you are taking isn’t a full NLP Practitioner Certification meeting Global Standards and you sign-up for a Master Practitioner Certification, then:

  • You will not be prepared for the Master Practitioners’ advanced information, therefore wasting your money and time.
  • You will waste your investment because you won’t have the foundational information needed to understand and utilize Master Practitioner information and processes fully.

3. Can You Easily Talk Directly To Your NLP Trainer Before And After Your Training? (remember you will forget things)

If the information says you can speak with the trainer, then ask to speak to the trainer. If the trainer is not there, ask for a callback, then if the trainer offering the training doesn’t call back, you have your true answer.

Do you get a high-pressure or smooth-talking salesperson before you buy?

Do you get a staff or designated person rather than the trainer after your training?

4. Will You Get Enough Support During Your Training?

Remember, if you cannot speak to the trainer before the training (see question 3), then it’s doubtful you will ever get the support you need.

Getting answers to your questions is imperative to be able to use NLP confidently as a coach, therapist or business person.

The trainer’s available time is dependent on how many people are attending the training. The more attendees, the less time the trainer has for one on one support.

5. If You Have A Yes From The Trainer In Question 4, Will There Be Ongoing Support With Your Trainer After You Complete The Program Or Is Support Cut Off Once The Training Has Ended?

When practicing in the real world with real people who are not trying to be compliant, as with in-classroom demonstrations, things are different. And you will have questions and need guidance on what to do in certain situations.

Lack of support is the primary cause of people not being successful using NLP and leads to a lack of confidence.

Not all NLP Trainers have experience in NLP Coaching, so that support will be limited.

6. If You Desire To Become An NLP Coach, Does The Training Provide You With Assessment Tools And Forms As Part Of The Program?

Not all NLP Trainings provide the tools to start working with clients or the coaching process to build confidence when coaching others.

The same as not all NLP Trainers have real-life experience in the Coaching field, so support will be limited.

7. Are There Testimonials On The Website From Students Who Have Taken The Training?

And Are They From Real People who have taken the training or from Paid Affiliate Marketers?

Are the students saying specific things about the training you can relate to in areas of NLP that you want to learn more about? Or are they general statements without much meaning?

Is it possible to contact students to ask questions?

8. Does The Timing Of The NLP Training Support Your Needs, Or Is There A Deadline You Must Make?

As with any live training, you will forget more than you remember. You will forget with online training, too, if it does not give you lifetime access to review at any time in the future.

Do you lose your training or support after a certain period? Does it expire?

9. Can You Hire The Trainer As A Coach?

Does the training have real-world experience using the NLP Techniques and processes they are teaching you? If the trainer doesn’t have experience practicing as an NLP Coach, are they the trainer for you?

10. Does The Trainer Offer A Payment Plan Option?

If your lifestyle does not allow you to easily spend a large amount of cash in one lump sum, does the trainer have a payment plan that suits your needs?

Note: If you are not sure about getting your money back if the training is not for you, a payment plan is a safe way to try out the training with minimal loss or risk.)

11. Is there a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee?

NLP states that people understand the meaning of communication differently, so are the Terms and Conditions of any money-back guarantee written out clearly on the website?

Make sure that you or anyone can understand them without a doubt. Usually, you can find the Terms and Conditions in the website’s footer at the bottom of the page.

12. Does The Trainer Have A Secure Website AND a Secure Shopping Cart For Online Purchases? Also, Are Your Credit Card Slips And Personal Information Stored Securely?

This information should be in the same location as Terms and Conditions, i.e., the website’s footer – called Secure Shopping or something to that effect. In addition, there should be payment processes link with the Verified Merchant Seal on this page.

Note: look for the small lock symbol and HTTPS included within the website address once you arrive at the shopping cart. The lock symbol and “S” at the end of the HTTPS is a secure website and secure shopping cart page.

The website itself does not need the HTTPS in the address but DO NOT enter personal information anywhere if it doesn’t have the lock symbol and HTTPS as you will be at risk.

Even if the trainer is legitimate, with so many hackers breaking into sites these days, YOU CANNOT TRUST ANY SITE WITHOUT THE SECURE LOCK SYMBOL AND HTTPS.

But the shopping cart (where you put in your credit card information, billing address and contact information ABSOLUTELY must have the HTTPS for it to be a SECURE Shopping Cart

13. What Is The Trainers Training Style And Can You Easily Learn Under That Style?

Not all trainers train the same way. And discovering you don’t like a trainer’s style after paying in full, taking time off work, leaving your family, and arriving at the training site is way too late to find that out. Because, at that point, as they say, your Canadian goose is cooked.

If you don’t know what training styles are out there, I will give you a couple of examples.

Some Trainers train using metaphor primarily. That means they tell many stories, and it’s up to your unconscious mind to connect the dots. They do not do live demonstrations, so you will not SEE NLP in action. As a result, you may not get it, and you may feel ripped off if that happens.

In 2001 I spoke to a young man in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who had driven from California to take an NLP Training. He told me that he had already taken the training from Richard Bandler (one of the originators of NLP) but didn’t understand it. He said Richard taught through the unconscious process using metaphor and told him he had the information in his unconscious. The young man said he didn’t know what he knew and had to learn it consciously. So he was at this training to learn it consciously, and therefore he would know what he knew. True story!

Some Trainers use a combination of teaching materials again with little to no live demonstrations. If you’re like me and need to see a process to understand how it works, and therefore believe that it does work, then this type of training does not build confidence and will not be for you.

If you have questions about NLP Training, call us or Contact Us. Whether it’s teaching styles or another matter, we will be happy to help.