Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses For Busy People Who Desire Success

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a large metropolis or a remote area of the world when you want to become more successful it can be difficult to break away. We know because we found ourselves in that very position too.

And that is the main reason we created our Neuro Linguistic Programming Training for Busy People Who Desire Success.

In the beginning, we only did live Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in a remote area of Nova Scotia Canada. But we were contacted by many people from around the world who would ask us if we could bring our NLP Training to their country.

Most said they would come to us if they could afford the travel expenses. Others said they would love to take our course if they could get the time off work or could have someone look after their children while they were away.

Potential students from around the world were even asking if we could put our NLP Training Online, but the technology just wasn’t available. At that time there was no such thing as streaming videos on the internet.

Wow! Technology sure has changed over the years.

3 Things That Hold People Back From Having
Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses

There were three things that hold people back from having Neuro Linguistic Programming courses

  1. Obligations or Commitments
  2. Time Constraints
  3. Money

As time passed, more and more people continued to contact us with the same stories of being too busy to take an NLP Training.

Many expressed how much they wanted Neuro Linguistic Programming Training to enhance their lives and become more successful. But due to having extremely busy lives and family, they just could not travel.

Some wanted to become coaches themselves so they could take control of their time and schedule and live their life based on their own terms. They were tired of working for the man. Tired of being in a position where they were neither respected for their talent nor rewarded for their good work.

First A Recession Then Online World Expanded

And because of the great recession of 2008 many people’s lives were affected.  Many things change, but not all for the worst. Many people were forced to change their lives. It was for some a blessing in disguise.

Also, technology had caught up with our ideas and all the requests we had over the years. And we went into Research & Development in February 2009 with the intention of putting our NLP Practitioner Certification & Coaching Program Online.

We Wanted To Do It Right

There were a few people offering training online, but it was, and still is for many, a pitch to then have the unwary buyer fly to the trainer’s location to finish the “real” training. Students taken in by this are still paying in extra time and money.

We wanted to do it right. We wanted to be the first to put the whole NLP Training Online, all 120 hours of it.

The typical NLP Trainer would set up a camera in their live training and record what they did and cut out the parts that didn’t make the grade. They weren’t worried about it because their outcome from the start was to convince the student to finish the real training on location.

We wanted to be better than that, and we wanted to give everything required for NLP Certification and more. And we wanted it to feel real, like you were at a live course only with replay.

It’s not good enough to just have a few videos online for you to watch demonstrations of NLP. If you’re a student, you need to see it all and to really understand how it is done or it’s not going to be effective for you.

Our idea was to duplicate a live Neuro Linguistic Programming Training in its full capacity with a step-by-step process, video presentations, live demonstrations, and hands-on experience, so you understand NLP.

What we wanted was to make it so real it would be just like you were in our live training without the travel and all the expenses or the time away from obligations and commitments.

We Made The Underdog King

After talking with all of those people who felt they were left out we just couldn’t let them down. There were some who wanted to take our NLP Training but due to circumstance they just couldn’t. And we could tell it hurt them not to be able to.

So, taking into account everything people have requested over the years, including a payment plan option, we launched the first module of our NLP Training Online in June of 2009. And we had a lady from Bermuda immediately signup – WOW!

Now we just had to create nine more exciting modules, which of course we did. Would you believe the whole training took 12 months to complete? The commitment was exhausting but worth it.

We now have people from around the world taking Neuro Linguistic Programming Training. And it’s in the comfort of your own home, without the travel and extra expenses. And without leaving your family!

And it is totally at your own pace with no time constraints. So you can fulfill your family and work obligations and even choose a payment plan option if you are on a budget.

We feel satisfied knowing we put our heart and soul into creating the best NLP Training Online. And knowing that the graduates of our training are creating beautiful lives for themselves and others.

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