These 7 Perspectives Actually Spotlight The Best NLP Training

If you have been looking around for the best NLP Training available, then you’re no doubt struggling with information overload. Because everyone claims to have the best NLP Training, plus the data to prove it.

But you’re not sure … who is telling the truth? Is anyone telling the truth?

How can you know for sure if your hard-earned money is going to the best Sales Pitch or the Best NLP Training – before you lay your money on the line?

All you want is clarity so you can make the right choice, without regret, and get the best NLP Training to meet your goals.

And just because you do not have a way to compare NLP training doesn’t mean you can’t use other’s perspectives to compare for you. And that’s what we’ll cover here so that you can make a more well-informed choice.

Perspective #1: Testimonials From Students

And here is how you research with testimonials, you read through them and see if their experiences are specific experiences you want to have, and then make a note of those things. If other people with similar values have had good experiences, then you should too.

You guys are great, and you teach the way I love to learn. You have a very special way to instruct your students. I felt at ease and very comfortable during the whole course. And I knew from the beginning that I was choosing the right school. I am impressed with the program; it’s very easy to follow. You care about your students. I am very pleased. It couldn’t be better!”

Maria Ellis, Salt Lake City, Utah

Click this link NLP Practitioner course testimonial and arrive at a page where you will find many more testimonials to start your research from.

You may even see this testimonial from a non-student who requested a refund. We don’t get many Refund Requests because we always deliver what we promise.

I want to thank you for the prompt refund that you provided to me. As I expressed to you, the first module was very thorough and interesting, but other ventures came my way that I felt I needed to pursue. It was a pleasure to find a course and business owners that I could trust. I am more than happy to recommend you and your course.

In sincere appreciation, Jeannette McAdams PA

Jeannette was a retired nurse and was quite surprised and delighted by our immediate response to her request.

Does Their Guarantee Really Protect You?

Remember: There is always a chance that even if you do all the right things you may not be able to take the training – or you may not want to continue the training.

You MUST have a GUARANTEE that you can trust and allows enough time for you to decide.

Not all guarantees are equal and will depend solely on the ethics of who you are dealing with so:
Ask specific questions like: 

  • Do I get 100%  of my money back?
  • How long does your guarantee protect me?
  • Do I need a reason to get my money back?
  • If I need a reason – What type of reason do I need?

Perspective #2: Links To Videos & Audios

Audio and Videos can be an easy way to get comparable information as well, and there’s little doubt it’s real when you can hear and see the person speaking.

You may recognize Daytime Emmy Award-winning TV personality Todd Newton.

Audio Only

Perspective #3: Written Information From An Authority Figure

What if someone you knew you could absolutely trust told you the process of finding the Best NLP Training. Would you follow their instruction?

Well, who would be a better source than John Grinder co-developer of NLP?

Read below what John Grinder has to say.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) represents a significant advance in the development of human choice. It places at the discretion of the skilled and balanced practitioner options for living with quality which were previously assigned variously to fate, chance, genetics, accidents, and divine influence. It is important to me to explicate at least partially what I intend by the descriptive phrase, skilled and balanced.

The skill issue points to the requirement in the mastery of any interesting human skill set for a commitment to practice, the personal discipline on the part of the would-be NLP practitioner to arrange his or her own context for exploring, learning and ultimately mastering of the actual body of patterning called NLP.

Success at this task identifies a learner, and the result a technician.

The balanced issue refers to two requirements, first, the learner’s ability to integrate the skill set (mastered by the technician) into each and every area of their life, personal as well as professional. Secondly, once this integration of the technical skill set has occurred, the individual is faced with the awesome responsibility of exercising these choices with some wisdom. At this point, the caterpillar bursts the confinement of the cocoon, the technician transforms herself/himself into an artist.

All the above is a somewhat circuitous way of cautioning the would-be NLP practitioner. The world at the moment seems rather overflowing with people purporting to offer training in NLP. It is here in selecting a mentor that you, the reader, may begin to exercise one of the most crucial abilities associated with artistry in the practice of NLP – namely, that of assessing the congruency of the trainer. If your intuitions caution you, if you detect a discrepancy between the verbal presentation of such a person and their actual behavior and performance, keep moving and looking for an appropriate model.

John Grinder – Pattern Of The Hypnotic Techniques Of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume II

Take Special Note Of The Underlined Section Above!

Know What You Want – Or Else!

One way to increase your chances of getting the best NLP Training is to start with being absolutely clear on what you want. Why?

Well, I could paraphrase Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland – “if you don’t know where you want to go, any road will take you there,”  but here’s an NLP Lesson with a scientific approach that’s more effective.

This will not only get you the right answer today, but you can use it whenever you have to cut through the overwhelm of information and get to what’s really important at any time in the future.

You may not be aware of a little-known feature of your brain called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. The RAS acts as a radar to hone in subconsciously on exactly what you’re looking for while ignoring other things.

Reticular Activating System

Reticular Activating System

The best way to explain this is to imagine you were looking for a particular Antique Grandfather Clock; you know those big old decorative clocks with the swinging pendulum that chime on the hour? But the clock you want also has to be exactly like the one your grandparents had, and because you know the clocks value you are willing to pay a fair price.

You’ve searched and searched, you find a lot of clocks, and many have similar things you want, some are priced very low, and some very high.

And then one day, for no reason at all, you decide to take a different route home from work. And as you’re driving down an unfamiliar street you see on a lawn the exact Grandfather Clock you’ve been looking for, and the asking price, although high, is fair!

That is your Reticular Activating System at work.

So, as Einstein said, start by asking the right question. And the right question doesn’t start by asking who has the best NLP Training. The right question starts by asking what type of NLP Training will benefit me the most?

Once you know exactly what you want from your training, it becomes much easier to weed out the non-contenders from the pack.

Perspective #4: From Higher Education

It’s a Changing world, and it’s a very Busy world – Harvard University, Oxford, The University of Melbourne, and McGill, plus thousands more have online studies now.

Here are 10 Advantages of taking Online Courses – See if these give you ideas of how to get the best NLP Training that fits with your lifestyle.

Here is another site 10 Reasons Students Say They Prefer Learning Online

Acadia University

Your knowledgeable and professional approach … enriched learning for Acadia (University) employees

“Your knowledgeable and professional approach and your product offerings enriched learning for Acadia employees – not only tools and knowledge that they can apply at Acadia but also in the other aspects of their lives. When participants were asked to rate your program on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being extremely useful), your workshop received a rating of 4.6 out of 5. We are indeed inviting you back to Acadia University to partner in the Professional Development Program”

Module 4 Covers Chunking But …

We cover Outcomes and Chunking in Module 4 of our NLP Training Online, but here’s where you can use it now, start with Chunking your questions into the right sized pieces. First start with Big Chunks questions like :

What do I want my NLP Training for?

  • Self Development?
  • Add To Skills?
  • Become a Coach?

In 2009 we used this exact outcome method to design our NLP Training Online. We created an outcome of how we wanted students to feel while taking the training, as well as after they completed the training.

We wanted them to feel totally supported while taking the training and after, to the extent that they felt they could reach out to us at any time.

In other words, we wanted to create a very hands-on approach to online training.

“I have just begun the training and have found Bob and Ronda incredibly helpful and caring! Though I have a Ph.D. in psychology, I can already see how beneficial NLP can be in therapy – especially with abused women, PTSD patients, and marriage counseling. The information given is quite good and has a great flow to it – making it easy to learn. Some of the principles, such as communication, I had already been using, and this was quite encouraging. I recommend this training to anyone – therapist, psychologist, counselor, or someone in the business field. It is very insightful and will be a great help to people from all walks of life!”

Dr. Gordon Sudduth, Texas

We truly believed that we could design the best NLP Training Online if we filled in the gaps and missing pieces that we noticed in the live training we took.

Perspective #5: Experience

I had studied under a few different trainers before meeting Ronda in 1993, and together we took  10 Full Certification Trainings, almost 1000 hours, and traveled over 35,000 km (about 22,000 miles), so we knew what parts needed improving, correcting and redoing.

Life’s Experience Means A Lot

Perspective #6: Motivation

You might say we’re highly motivated to be better, so we can do better for the people we train.

I mean, why would we ever strive for mediocrity, and then expect you to pay us to teach it to you?

“Life Potential Developments offers clear & concise training in NLP. The modules kept me interested and on target. They successfully prepared me for creating my own life coaching business. Bob and Ronda teach in a way that is easy for students who learn visually, auditory, or kinesthetically. Feel free to go at your own pace or follow their schedule. The accreditation they provide backs up their education. Of course, they are extremely personable and professional and hands-on involved in the online training. I recommend their NLP training to anyone interested in creating a coaching career.”

Kate McIntyre Relaxation Life Coach NLP Practitioner Columbus, OH

Are You Motivated Enough?

Are You Motivated Enough?

Unfortunately, some people say they can’t afford our training; you may be one of them.

Oh, sure, I could use the old NLP reframe sales line, “you can’t afford not to have our training,” and as true as that is, that’s not what we are about.

We’re only here to help a small number of dedicated people who care deeply for and have the willingness to go the extra mile, to help themselves and others achieve more in life. 

You see, some people just don’t have the motivation to grow and prosper. Or the caring to help others to the extent needed to make taking a full training worth the effort. So it won’t matter if it’s the best NLP Training or not. 

And, of course, there’s always a few wannabes who want to reap the benefit but don’t want to put in the effort – a something for nothing or Entitlement group.

If you’re in the small group of Motivated, and dedicated people I mentioned, then our training will be the best NLP Training for you.  And so this is a request that you join us, but before you do, please do your homework to make sure we have what you’re looking for.

Fritz Perls once said, ' .... Man lives in a state of low-grade vitality. Though generally, he does not suffer deeply, he also knows little of true creative living.'

 Perspective 7: Other Trainers

NLP Coaching Handbook

Never Be Stuck Again!

It means a lot when other NLP Trainers say good things about your work too!

When we created the NLP Coaching Handbook, it met with widespread acclaim including high praise from other NLP Trainers.

3 World Renown Trainers Said This:

“NLP Coaching Handbook” An invaluable reference guide for NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Coaches. It neatly fills a gap in the market between summary cards and textbooks. If you coach regularly, this booklet is for you….”

John Seymour, co-author, Introducing NLP: Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People

“If you want a quick and easy reference guide to NLP for patterns and processes if you are coaching or facilitating another’s resourcefulness, NLP Handbook is the book. In just over 100 pages you have at your fingertips the essential patterns of traditional NLP. Well done!….”

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. The Most Prolific Writer In NLP

“Ronda Degaust and Bob Clarke’s Neuro-linguistic Personal Coaching Handbook is an excellent handbook to keep in your pocket for quick reminders of all the techniques you are using or have forgotten to use since your training. Very clear, very visual and a delight to peruse…”

Shelle Rose Charvet, author: Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence


Getting The Best NLP Training is ultimately important for you to obtain your goals. But who has the best NLP Training is subjective.

That is, it’s really based on matching your goals and outcomes to what the NLP Trainer really is offering.

Do you know exactly what you’re looking for?

– Learn From Others That Have Gone Before You
– Ask The Right Questions

Is there actual proof that they offer what you’re looking for?

– Student Testimonials
– Videos
– Audio
– Outside Official Sources
– Knowledge and Experience

Spend enough time asking yourself the right questions and looking for the right answers, and you will be much closer to getting The Best NLP Training.

And, Remember what John Grinder, the co-creator of NLP said:

All the above is a somewhat circuitous way of cautioning the would-be NLP practitioner. The world at the moment seems rather overflowing with people purporting to offer training in NLP. It is here in selecting a mentor that you, the reader, may begin to exercise one of the most crucial abilities associated with artistry in the practice of NLP – namely, that of assessing the congruency of the trainer. If your intuitions caution you, if you detect a discrepancy between the verbal presentation of such a person and their actual behavior and performance, keep moving and looking for an appropriate model.

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