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60 Amazing Brain Filters And How To Know Yours!

Did You know you have at least 60 amazing filters that your brain uses to block out most to the information coming at you every day?

And as we all know, there’s a ton of information coming at us every day. There’s more and more as they figure out new ways to feed it to you. Yeah, the machine hose connected to the back of the head isn’t so much science fiction anymore.

But did you even know you had these amazing brain filters?

Well, unless you’ve learned about them through NLP – mainly the NLP Master Practitioner Training – or you’re deep in the world of psychology, probably not.

And don’t let that psychology word scare you, I have a way to make things very easy and simplistic to understand rather than technical and hard.

So, if you didn’t know you had these filters there’s slim chance that you had any thought about how to use them. Or that they could make your life easier, happier and richer huh?

It’s sad that we know more about the filters we use in our cars, pools, furnace and water treatment than we do in our own brain filters.

But seeing that your brain filters are not removable or replaceable, that may have something to do with not being aware of them.

Although they aren’t so different than any other filter, they do the same type of job keeping out certain stuff while letting other stuff in.

Want The Sherlock Holmes, Bill Gates
Or Mother Theresa Brain Filter?

So, let’s say your hero is Sherlock Holmes and you want to be just like him. No problem if you have an extreme filter for details.

Or let’s say you want to be just like Mother Theresa, again, no problem as long as you have an extreme filter that makes you over the top caring for others.

But what if you want to conquer the world, or be the head of a huge company like Apple, Microsoft or Amazon? Hey, you know the answer. No problem as long as you’ve got an extreme motivation filter that is continually propelling you forward in your quest.

But What If You Have The Bum In The Park Brain Filter?

But you may be thinking the obvious right now, and that is, “but Bob, what if I don’t have any of the super extreme filters?”

“Or worse, what if I have the complete opposite to the extremely motivated forward propelled filter?”

What if I have the bum in the park filter?

Well, I would say that’s a good question.

Also, if I didn’t know about, or understand in great detail how these brain filters worked, I could say wow, it sucks to be you.

But the truth is there is no bum in the park brain filter.

The bum in the park is there because he wasn’t working with the filters he had available to him. He probably isn’t aware that he has any kind of filters, including a kidney at this point.

The bum in the park gave up rather than learn or try to help himself.

Now, not everyone who gives up ends up on the park bench. Many live “normal” lives working 9 to 5 hating what they do until retirement and then die.

Sorry, that’s my internal and options filter speaking there.

Down And Dirty Kinda Nerdy Explanation

This is how it works. You’re born, you develop certain filters very early in life. Every person has different filters but some people have some filters that are similar to other people.

You will like, dislike, work well with or not at all with people who have similar or different filters.

If you don’t learn how to understand and work with these filters you will struggle more in life. Because you will not be able to adjust easily to your own problem areas, or the problems that others have.

So whether you learn about these filters with intent or by accident, you will be much more successful in life if you have this knowledge. And quite lost if you don’t.

Here’s a (made simple) example:

Steve Jobs had an extreme big picture filter that allowed him to create Apple. But he needed many small detail filter people surrounding him to carry out his ideas.

These small detail people can not appreciate or see his big picture dreams and will condemn him and fight his ideas.

But the small detail people need a big picture leader as much as the big picture leader needs the small detail people to build and run the company.

It’s important to find the right people to work with within each brain filter category, as well as having the right brain filter people. As the wrong combination will quickly destroy any chance of success.


It’s Not What Filters You Have
It’s What You Do With The Filters You Have

OK, so just to make sure you understand what is important here, let me go over this briefly.

Regardless what brain filters you have developed in life, you can learn to work with them better (much better usually). And therefore, become more successful in whatever area you choose.

If you want to create a company like Apple and you don’t have a big picture filter, that’s OK. Because now you know you have to hire or partner with someone who has a big picture thinker filter.


One thing is certain: There are a lot of brain filters and learning them all will take some time. The good thing is you don’t have to know them all.

At least now you know about brain filters. And that awareness should start you thinking differently when you run into a situation that has always been a problem before.

Also, start to notice areas where you keep getting the same results, good or bad. Then you can start to take advantage of the brain filter you’re using.

If you want to save years of struggle learning through trial and error you can with The Life Potential System NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training and Coaching Program Online.

Look for the next post on the 3 Main Brain Filters – Where It All Starts.