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NLP Practioner (Practitioner) Training Online & Why You Make Mistakes

It doesn’t matter if you searched on NLP Practioner or NLP Practitioner, either way you’re in the right place.

Did YOU notice the difference?

I often see NLP Practitioner written as NLP Practioner. And when you understand NLP more, little things like that can tell you a lot about the person it came from.

Most people would think it a simple spelling mistake or perhaps think the person who wrote it didn’t know how to spell – But there’s more going on …

Now, everyone makes mistakes or Mis-Takes as Ronda and I call them. We figure if movie makers can be OK having hundreds or even thousands of “mis-takes” making movies, then we should be OK with making mis-takes in life.

After all, making your life is more important than making a movie, isn’t it?

NLP Practioner – Take This Test

But those aren’t the kinds of mistakes I’m talking about here, I’m talking about mistakes made because you didn’t notice certain little details.

The spelling of NLP Practioner is not a spelling mistake per se, it is a visual mistake that happens when the brain anticipates what should be seen … visually.

Do you do well with puzzles like the one below? You know, where they ask you how many times does F appear in the sentence for example.

NLP Practioner


Are you like me and almost never get the right answer, or are you like Ronda and almost always get the right answer?

There’s no need to worry about it though, you either see the differences or you don’t; although in certain contexts you might fair better than in others.

Being Liked And Admired

The important thing is to know where you excel and where you don’t. That way you utilize your strengths and get others to do what you don’t do well.

This one understanding will save you years of wasted time, reduce frustration and get you to be a better you with a lot less effort.

Meaning, if you want to be liked and admired, therefore successful in life, then work on improving what you naturally do well.

So stop listening to people who tell you you’ve gotta be good at everything. It ain’t gonna happen! I’m not being negative, it’s humanly impossible.

So, what does it mean when someone searches for NLP Practioner instead of NLP Practitioner? Well, it means they’re very smart because they’re searching for a NLP Practitioner Training.

smiley nlp practioner

And it could also mean they are a visual oriented or big picture person in that context, whereas the person who notices the misspelling may be a more detailed person.

But the question is a simple question that has a more complex answer. Things become clearer after taking our NLP Training Online because the training gives you what you need to make asking the right questions automatic.

And to paraphrase Albert Einstein, knowing the right question to ask, you can solve the problem in less than five minutes.

Here’s To Your Success …