Your Unconscious Mind: Pay Attention Or Pay With Pain

Your unconscious mind is your greatest friend and protector. Learn to use it, and your life will be Wonder Full.

Hi, I’m Bob Clarke, or NLP Bob, as you will see in my emails.

And I want to share a personal story with you, and it’s not because I like to talk about myself, because I don’t. But students have told me that my life stories have helped them, and for that reason, and that reason alone, I have agreed to open up to you in several posts like this one.

And don’t worry; this is not one of those “I was homeless and lived under a bridge, but now I’m a millionaire” stories. However, I have had a gratifying and fulfilling life that I hope continues for a long time.

 NLP Bob: It’s About Experience

I hope you can benefit from my long-time knowledge and experience using, teaching, and coaching with NLP—my failures and successes.

But there’s another reason I’m sharing this with you: so you can get to know me.


I want you to know who I am and what I stand for. Because if you’re like me, and we have similar values, then it’s more likely that you will benefit more from what I have to say.

And that means you will have the best chance to create a better, more fulfilling life through the successful use of NLP.

Because information alone will not help you succeed using NLP, there’s just too much of it. And the road to NLP hell is paved with good information and good people, like you, who never get the experience that makes NLP magical.

Listen To Your Unconscious Mind

I got into NLP – neuro linguistic programming – in 1990. I had been selling Real Estate for five years and working long hours to provide for my family. But the more hours I worked, the less time I spent with my family. Then, suddenly, there was no family, just an empty house.

Late one Friday, after a meeting with a client, I was heading home across the A. Murry McKay Bridge, which connects Dartmouth to Halifax, and a strange thing happened.

Near the exit on the Halifax side, I got the notion to turn left rather than continue right and toward where I was living.

I say it was a notion, but it was my inner voice saying, ‘Turn Left.’

(I would later learn through NLP that this was my subconscious or unconscious mind communicating with me.)

There was absolutely no reason to turn left. I knew the area well, it was primarily commercial, and at this time of night, only the car lots and fast food joints would be open.

unconscious mind

But I listened to my unconscious mind or inner voice and turned a hard left onto Lady Hammond Rd.

I started up the empty street and saw a car dealership with the lights on. I pulled into the parking lot and went inside, where a salesman greeted me with a shout across the showroom, “Can I help you”?

No, I shouted back – and puzzled, I left.

It somehow didn’t feel right.

I drove on a bit further to another car dealership. I pulled into the parking lot and went inside. Again the salesman greeted me with a shout across the showroom floor, “Can I help you”? This must be a standard greeting in the car industry, I thought.

Know When You’re In The Right Place

But this time, I recognized the salesman. Years ago, I bought stereo equipment where Ralph was working. “Not sure, Ralph,” I answered, feeling I was in the right place.

I then started to tell Ralph of the strange events leading up to my arrival in his showroom.

As I spoke, Ralph started franticly digging in his pocket and brought out a notebook. He quickly scribbled something on it, tore off the page and thrust it at me!

“Read This Book!” he said. I took the note, said thanks, and left. 

Weird Or What?

The next day I went to a local bookstore and ordered the book Ralph had scribbled on the notepad. That book, the first of many, started my fantastic journey into the art and science of NLP.

NLP Bob Says: Do What You Love

Over 32 years later and now an International Master NLP Trainer, I still love teaching others like you how to create and live a more successful and fulfilling life.

Whether that means being healthier, more prosperous, having better relationships, or something entirely different, at a deeper level, it’s all about feeling good and being happy.

Life is too short to be unhappy striving for mediocrity.

Take action now, listen to your unconscious mind, learn NLP, and start living your best life.

You’ll always be glad you did …