Patrick Mazor, Coaching Business Success, NLP Practitioner – Audio 3:28 min.

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Patrick Mazor says: I’d like to share with people who are thinking about getting NLP Training with Life Potential Developments, some of my experiences.

When I first started out wanting to get into the coaching business I was attracted to one of the schools that advertises a great 16-hour program, study for a weekend, and we’ll certify you and you’re done.

In the first 14 hours of the training, they went through what they call the coaching formula. Which is: ask the right questions, help the client get some guidance, give them some suggestions for the direction they can go, and make them accountable.

The only problem was that there wasn’t really any practice. There really wasn’t any opportunity on how they can perfect the skill. What I found interesting in that training program was at the end the last 2 hours were not on how to coach better or how to practice but rather it was a sales pitch of gee get this extra certification or use this company that we use for your marketing efforts.

I found myself almost falling into the trap that colleagues fell into which was one more certification and I’ll finally feel confident. Well, you can get 20 certifications but if you never get to practice you will never feel confident.

And there is a huge difference between most of the training programs out there and the program with Life Potential Developments.

Sure you end up with an NLP Certification at the end you are a practitioner. But what makes you a practitioner isn’t the lessons, although that is part of it. What makes you a practitioner is that you practice.

With Life Potential Developments and their NLP Program you have to practice, you don’t have a choice because the exercises are real.

What I had an opportunity to do is to work with friends, work with others and practice the exercises right after I learned them. Right after I watched them on the video and read about them in the workbook. And that’s what helped me build my confidence and that’s what helped me become a practitioner.

It’s not 90 percent theory and 10 percent practice. It’s about 30 percent theory and 70 percent practice. And in the end, I ended up confident and I knew what I was doing. And that was for an NLP Coaching and Practitioner point of view.

The other thing the program really did for me, as I have told my clients who have been through the NLP Program with Life Potential Developments or thinking of going through something like that, is that going through that program, that 120 hours, going through that program I changed. I became a better person.

In fact, as I told a client earlier today. What I came away with is knowing what my path was supposed to be. And that gift, besides all the rest, was worth the time I invested and certainly the money I invested many times over.

I can’t endorse Life Potential Developments, Ronda and Bob, and their NLP Training Program more than I already have. Thanks for listening.