NLP Practitioner Training Benefits by Nancy Bembridge (Audio)

Listen in as Nancy Bembridge Tells Ronda The Benefits She Experienced From Her NLP Training.

Author of the NLP ebook
‘Crawling Out of the P.I.T – to a new understanding’

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Ronda Degaust:  What were the NLP Practitioner Training Benefits to your business or even in your life in general?

Nancy Bembridge: Oh, I couldn’t even count the number of ways it’s been a benefit, but overall I’d say it was an improvement in my relationships and my ability to communicate with others.

For example, I was a people pleaser. If my husband was unhappy or frustrated I always felt that I had done something to make him unhappy or I had done something so he was frustrated.

Through NLP I realized I’m not responsible for how other people react or respond to situations that I may have not even been a part of to begin with. It’s hard to believe that at one point I really believed I was responsible to make everyone in my family happy. Seriously, that was just crazy…crazy right!

But looking at the business to get serious again and for my business as far as it was concerned I believe I became a better trainer and a boss too.

After NLP, I definitely gained a better understanding of how people process their information. I’m more in tune with the person I’m working with is or is not responding to what I’m teaching.

I even had a staff member mention that I seemed calmer one day. I didn’t seem to be as tense. Definitely on the inside felt calmer and less stressed. I knew I was learning how to let go and more easier recognize what I could control and what I didn’t need to control. I think I was definitely more comfortable changing my training methods as they were needed.

Which in this situation the client actually made a comment to me at the end of my training saying they could not believe my teaching approach and how it changed with the different personalities that I faced during the day and what they would often call difficult situations. So it was nice to receive their observation knowing that they had seen the benefit to how I responded to their changing staff or training needs. They are still my clients. So this is cool!

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