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The Most Compelling Coach Training For Business And Life Coaching

If you’re interested in becoming an extraordinary Life Coach or Business Coach, then listen in on this informative interview with Kersten and Patrick to learn from the experts of the most compelling coach training.

Kersten: Hi, Welcome back to the show. One of our viewers, Helene, from Missoula Montana, saw the previous segment with Patrick Mazor of Coaching Business Success Builder.

Helene asked if we might invite Patrick back once again to share his view on the most compelling coach training programs for people who want to become Life Coaches or Business Coaches.

Welcome back to the show Patrick.

Patrick: Thanks, Kersten. It’s great to be back.

Kersten: Well, as I understand it, you don’t teach people how to develop coaching skills, is that correct?

Patrick: That is correct. My focus is entirely on helping coaches develop their businesses, market them and manage them.

Kersten: If I may ask Patrick, how many training sessions and certification programs have you’ve been through yourself?

Patrick: I’ve been through 3 altogether. The first one I went through was with Fowler Wainwright Institute. It was a 16-hour program done primarily online, and it offered a fairly decent introduction to coaching.

The second one I went through was a specialized program with Anger Resolution of Houston, Texas. And their certification was strictly working with anger and resolution.

The third one was Life Potential Developments. This program was a little bit different. It was 120 hours and was conducted online; thankfully, I could go at my own pace. But the really interesting thing about it was that it was very thorough. It got down to many techniques and how to really work with clients.

Kersten: That seems like the most compelling coach training option here, and obviously, this is one you recommend or endorse for viewers.

The Most Compelling Coach Training

Patrick: Oh, absolutely. The Life Potential Developments program, as I said, Kersten, is 120 hours long. Now that’s just the learning part, and there is also a lot of homework. But beyond that, it is a very thorough program in terms of working with the trainers.

They’ll email you; they’ll work with you. They’ll talk to you, and they will do whatever they need to do to help you through it. And I think that everyone, especially if you are a very intense and thorough program like that, is going to have questions as they go along.

That was certainly the case with me, and I know that emailing Ronda or Bob, the two trainers, with my questions and getting answers very quickly was really a help.

The other thing they have is a forum. Where all of us can kind of jump in and ask each other questions and participate in discussions. Again the word that I would use to describe the Life Potential Developments program is thorough – complete!

Kersten: Wow, it definitely sounds like the most compelling coach training option and obviously, coming from an expert with as much experience as yours, a good endorsement.

Thank you very much, Patrick, for joining us as a guest again on our show.

Patrick: Well, thank you, Kersten. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

Kersten: You can connect with Patrick at Coaching Business Success Builder.com and check out their website and thanks once again, Helene, for your question. Have a great day!