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The Coaching Business Lifestyle Accelerator

The Coaching Business Lifestyle Accelerator is all about how you can create a successful NLP Coaching Business to suit yourself and have a lifestyle that gives you total freedom, while saving you thousands from costly mistakes.

Included in the Coaching Business Lifestyle Accelerator:

All-in-one fast and effective way to plan and market your coaching business that will suit yourself for Zero dollars (included fill-in-the-blank business plan and business proposal) - (depending on the Business Consultant/Coach you hire - Value $500.00 or more)

NLP Coaching Handbook - Never be Stuck Again! (Quick reference guide with scripts, illustrations and step-by-step processes of how to coach using NLP for Practitioners & Master Practitioners (Value $47.00 USD)

Business Development, Finance and Marketing:

  • How to Plan Your Business to Suit Yourself - Video "You can laugh at money worries when you follow this simple plan".
  • Do I Need a Business Plan Report (have your questions answered by the expects)
  • Template Business Plan for Coaches - fill in the blank all-done-for-you template
  • Financial Spreadsheet - Pro Forma (5 year finance plan) - Add to Business Plan - fill in your own projections
  • Monthly Budget Spreadsheet (stay on track and don't get caught short)
  • The Home Office Income Tax/Profit and Loss Spreadsheet
    (easily keep track of your income and expenses without expensive bookkeeping software)
  • Planning and Marketing Your Business - Tips and Tools
  • 7 Ways to Market Your Business for $ Zero dollars
  • 10 Tips To Be Successful In Business
  • Cross-Marketing and Promotion
  • Template of a Proposal to generate Business - fill in the blank - Done For You Template

Coaching forms to use with clients: All you have to do is add your name or company name to make them your own. Depending on the Lawyer you hire - Value $300.00 or more.

  • Release Form
  • Coaching Inventory Document For Long Term Coaching Clients
  • Question Sheet To Give Client Prior To Coaching Session
  • NLP Coaching Terms and Agreements (extra samples included)

Coaching Tools and Forms include:

  • Coaching Life Inventory for long term coaching tool document
  • Coaching Life Inventory for long term coaching tool sample.pdf
  • Confidential Release form document
  • Confidential Release form sample.pdf
  • NLP Coaching Terms and Agreement form document
  • NLP Coaching Terms and Agreement form sample.pdf
  • Question sheet tool document
  • Question sheet tool sample.pdf

What is your time worth?

What would you have to pay someone else to do it right?

The Coaching Business Lifestyle Accelerator will give what you need to start your business in the most cost effective way without having to invest big dollars in expensive professionals and save you money and time from trying to create these tools yourself.

Even if you only charge $100 per hour, one client can more than pay for this needed resource!