Have you ever ask yourself, "what the heck is neurolinguistics?

What is neurolinguistics? And Why Do So Many People Rave About It?

When you read the words, Neurolinguistic Programming do you stop and ask yourself, “what the heck is neurolinguistics?

Well if you do then perhaps this short explanation can help.

Neurolinguistics studies the relation of language and communication to different parts of the brain and how it functions.  For example, it tries to explore how the brain understands and produces language and communication.

It combines the theory from neurology/Neurophysiology (how the brain is structured and how it functions) with linguistic theory (how language is structured and how it functions).

You may have heard the logical side of our brain is the left hemisphere and the creative side of our brain is the right hemisphere.

Logic is also connected to the internal language we use known as self-talk. Which in simple terms is our brain’s neurolinguistics.

Getting To The Heart Of The Problem

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP is how we create our reality through our language, and how we can change that reality using language.

One area of NLP known as the Meta Model comes from Virginia Satir, the grandmother of family therapy. The Meta Model focuses on moving the client from their presenting issue problem of surface structure language into the deep structure of the language in which the real problem is revealed.

We refer to this as getting to the Heart of The Problem!

Having these skills when dealing with people’s issues gives you a quantum leap in your skill set. This type of skill set puts you well beyond a regular therapist or life coach.

NLP or neurolinguistic programming processes are designed for fast and long-lasting change to empower your life so you can achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

We Make Neurolinguistics Easy And Fun

It may seem a little complicated when neurolinguistics is discussed. But when we teach them in a step-by-step system, like our  NLP Training Online, you will understand and be an expert in a very short period of time.

In our NLP Practitioner Certification and Coaching Program, you get step-by-step presentations. You also get live demonstrations to watch the process in action, and hands-on-on exercises to implement your new skills as you learn them.

Our system is set up for your successful modeling of neurolinguistics. And we combine neurolinguistics with the coaching model to make you just as effective as the experts who created the processes originally.

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