NLP Practitioner Certification Training: Making Your Dreams Reality

Being Creative and Having fun!

The Online NLP Practitioner Certification Training is not the only thing I enjoy about being my own boss. Being creative with blogging makes my work a lot of fun too.

Ah … one of the exercises that will change your life … balancing work with play.

When developing our business plan for our company Life Potential Developments, I wanted to change my work situation to a career that would not only be rewarding but would be fun too.

Many people say you can’t enjoy your work so much that you look forward to doing it every day. Well, I do enjoy my work every day. However, I also take time for myself every day as well as time to be with my husband and my fur babies.


Fur Babies


NLP Practitioner Certification Training
Work That Is Fun!

Designing the ‘perfect’ career was something that took a little dreaming, a little planning, and then action. You see I didn’t even have my NLP Practitioner Certification when I started dreaming of being a coach to help others as my life’s work.

At the time I worked at Acadia University in rural Nova Scotia, and the nearest NLP Practitioner Certification Training was in  Pennsylvania in the United States. Wow, I would have to plan that out well.

When Your Dreams Become Reality

It took a little planning to make my dream of being a coach into reality, but I did make it happen. And there were also a few obstacles like money, time off from my job and people telling me it wasn’t going to work.

“No one will pay you for that” and “what is coaching anyway?” were typical things I heard over and over again. These people never became my clients as you can understand.

Growing Beyond My Original Dream  

Since the beginning, my dream has become bigger and bigger.

I went from being the coach to becoming an International NLP Master Trainer training people throughout the world. And from live training to developing the original NLP Certification Training Online.

I’ve published these two books and co-authored two more.

How To Heal From Criticism Book
How To Heal From Criticism
NLP Coaching Handbook
NLP Coaching Handbook

Plus I wrote the ‘Help me Ronda Column’ for a Health and Wellness magazine based out of California. And I run my business from my home … sometimes in my PJs. (not while working with clients of course:)

What’s Your Dream?

Do you have a dream? Are you tired of working for a company that isn’t fun? Would you like to work from home and enjoy your life?

There are many ways to do this, I chose my NLP Training to become a coach, but many people take our NLP Practitioner Certification Program to enhance their career and life.

They use it to add valuable skills to their present work and home life. And also to gain the benefits of more fulfilling relationships, overcome limitations and negative emotions and to take charge of their lives.

Everyone has a dream. It’s important to take the time to develop a simple plan to make it happen. It all starts with the dream … a little planning … and then action!


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