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What is neurolinguistics? And Why Do So Many People Rave About It?


When you read the words, Neurolinguistic Programming do you stop and ask yourself, “what the heck is neurolinguistics? Well if you do then perhaps this short explanation can help. Neurolinguistics studies the relation of language and communication to different parts of the brain and how it functions.  For example, it tries to explore how the […]

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Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP – A Mini Lesson

Neuro Linguistic

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP? A Mini-Lesson Most noteworthy is that Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the geniuses who created Neuro Linguistic Programming which is known more commonly now as NLP. A mini-lesson follows. Now, you may think the main reason people use the short term NLP instead of Neuro Linguistic Programming is that […]

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Why should you get an Online NLP Certification Course?

NLP Training Online Compare

Why should you get an Online NLP Certification Course? Why should you get an Online NLP Certification Course? Well, let me give you the reasons our students use, that caused us to put our long-running live NLP Certification Course Online. I’ll break it down into three groups: Learning Saving Support It’s a well-known fact that […]

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The Most Compelling Coach Training For Business And Life Coaching

Compelling Coach Training

If you’re interested in becoming an extraordinary Life Coach or Business Coach, then listen in on this informative interview with Kersten and Patrick to learn from the experts of the most compelling coach training. Kersten:  Hi, Welcome back to the show. One of our viewers, Helene, from Missoula  Montana, saw the previous segment we had […]

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